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The Social Life of Standards

Ethnographic Methods for Local Engagement

edited by Janice E. Graham, Christina Holmes, Fiona McDonald & Regna Darnell

L’aventure de la recherche qualitative

Du questionnement à la rédaction scientifique

by (author) Stéphanie Gaudet & Dominique Robert

Practicing Ethnography

A Student Guide to Method and Methodology

by (author) Lynda Mannik & Karen McGarry

Going Public

The Art of Participatory Practice

by (author) Elizabeth Miller, Edward Little & Steven High

Public Anthropology

Engaging Social Issues in the Modern World

by (author) Edward J. Hedican

Research as Resistance, Second Edition

Revisiting Critical, Indigenous, and Anti-Oppressive Approaches

edited by Leslie Brown & Susan Strega

A Good Book, In Theory

Making Sense Through Inquiry, Third Edition

by (author) Alan Sears & James Cairns

Demarginalizing Voices

Commitment, Emotion, and Action in Qualitative Research

edited by Jennifer M. Kilty, Maritza Felices-Luna & Sheryl C. Fabian

Crippling Epistemologies and Governance Failures

A Plea for Experimentalism

by (author) Gilles Paquet

The Dog by the Cradle, the Serpent Beneath

Some Paradoxes of Human-Animal Relationships

by (author) Erika Ritter

The Effects of Feminist Approaches on Research Methodologies

edited by Winnie Tomm

Taking Responsibility, Taking Direction

White Anti-Racism in Canada

by (author) Sheila Wilmot

Research as Resistance

Critical, Indigenous, and Anti-Oppressive Approaches

edited by Leslie Brown & Susan Strega

Walking the Tightrope

Ethical Issues for Qualitative Researchers

edited by Will C. van den Hoonaard

Networks of Knowledge

Collaborative Innovation in International Learning

by (author) Joy Fitzgibbon, Janice Gross Stein & Richard Stren

Social Support Measurement and Intervention

A Guide for Health and Social Scientists

edited by Sheldon Cohen, Lynn G. Underwood & Benjamin H. Gottlieb

The Measure of Democracy

Polling, Market Research, and Public Life, 1930-1945

by (author) Daniel Robinson

An Introduction to Polimetrics

by (author) Daniel T. Osabu-Kle

Knowledge, Experience, and Ruling

Studies in the Social Organization of Knowledge

edited by Marie Campbell & Ann Manicom

Psychology and the Liberal Consensus

by (author) Charles Anderson & L. Travis