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Conversations about Indigenous Manhood

edited by Sam McKegney
interviewee Joseph Boyden, Tomson Highway, Lee Maracle, Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair, Basil H. Johnston, Daniel David Moses, Louise Bernice Halfe, Taiaiake Alfred, Janice C. Hill, Kim Anderson, Thomas Kimeksun Thrasher, Brendan Hokowhitu, Ty P. Kawika Tengan, Warren Cariou, Alison Calder, Daniel Heath Justice, Adrian Stimson, Terrance Houle, Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Richard Van Camp, Joanne Arnott, Neal McLeod & Gregory Scofield
cover design or artwork by Dana Claxton

This One Looks Like a Boy

My Gender Journey to Life as a Man

by (author) Lorimer Shenher

Why Young Men

Rage, Race and the Crisis of Identity

by (author) Jamil Jivani

Making Men, Making History

Canadian Masculinities across Time and Place

edited by Peter Gossage & Robert Rutherdale

Mad Blood Stirring

The Inner Lives of Violent Men

by (author) Daemon Fairless

Playboys and Mayfair Men

Crime, Class, Masculinity, and Fascism in 1930s London

by (author) Angus McLaren

National Manhood and the Creation of Modern Quebec

by (author) Jeffery Vacante

The Dad Dialogues

A Correspondence on Fatherhood (and the Universe)

by (author) George Bowering & Charles Demers

My Body Is Yours

by (author) Michael V. Smith

Are Men Obsolete?

The Munk Debate on Gender

by (author) Hanna Rosin, Maureen Dowd, Caitlin Moran & Camille Paglia

Sexist Shit that Pisses Me Off

by (author) Peg Tittle

Canadian Men and Masculinities

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

edited by Christopher J. Greig & Wayne J. Martino

Jewish Masculinities

German Jews, Gender, and History

edited by Benjamin Maria Baader, Sharon Gillerman & Paul Lerner
contributions by Judith Gerson, Etan Bloom, Stefanie Schueler-Springorum, Andreas Gotzmann, Robin Judd, Ann Goldberg & Lisa Zwicker

Making It Like a Man

Canadian Masculinities in Practice

edited by Christine Ramsay

Northern Love

An exploration of Canadian Masculinity

by (author) Paul Nonnekes

Sons of the Movement

FtMs Risking Incoherence on a Post-Queer Cultural Landscape

by (author) Jean Bobby Noble

What I Meant to Say

The Private Lives of Men

edited by Ian Brown

The Yard of Wit

Male Creativity and Sexuality, 165-175

by (author) Raymond Stephanson

The Beast Within

Why Men Are Violent

by (author) Neil Boyd

Manliness and Militarism

Educating Young Boys in Ontario for War

by (author) Mark Moss

One Thousand Beards

A Cultural History of Facial Hair

by (author) Allan Peterkin

A Dentist and a Gentleman

Gender and the Rise of Dentistry in Ontario

by (author) Tracey L. Adams

The Rites of Men

Manhood, Politics, and the Culture of Sport

by (author) Varda Burstyn

Family Violence: A Canadian Introduction

Second Edition

by (author) Julianne Momirov & Ann Duffy

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