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Missing from the Village

The Story of Serial Killer Bruce McArthur, the Search for Justice, and the System That Failed Toronto's Queer Community

by (author) Justin Ling

This Has Always Been a War

The Radicalization of a Working Class Queer

by (author) Lori Fox

Caring for LGBTQ2S People

A Clinical Guide, Second Edition

edited by Amy Bourns & Edward Kucharski
with Allan D. Peterkin & Cathy Risdon

Queer Professionals and Settler Colonialism

Engaging Decolonial Thought within Organizations

by (author) Cameron Greensmith

This Is My Real Name

A Stripper's Memoir

by (author) Cid V. Brunet

Special Topics in Being a Human

A Queer and Tender Guide to Things I've Learned the Hard Way about Caring For People, Including Myself

by (author) S. Bear Bergman
illustrated by Saul Freedman-Lawson

The Care We Dream Of

Liberatory and Transformative Approaches to LGBTQ+ Health

edited by Zena Sharman

Coming Out, Again

Transition Stories

by (author) Sabrina Symington

Our Work Is Everywhere

An Illustrated Oral History of Queer and Trans Resistance

by (author) Syan Rose
foreword by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Who's Coming Out to Play

Disruption and Disorientation in Queer Community Sports

by (author) Claire Carter

Home is in the Body

2SLGBTQIA+ FilipinX Femme, North of the 49th Parallel

edited by jacqueline gallos aquines
foreword by Monica Batac
afterword by Jo SiMalaya Alcampo

Like a Boy but Not a Boy

Navigating Life, Mental Health, and Parenthood Outside the Gender Binary

by (author) andrea bennett

Grossières indécences

Pratiques et identités homosexuelles à Montréal, 1880-1929

by (author) Domenic Dagenais & Dominic Dagenais

Unplanned Visitors

Queering the Ethics and Aesthetics of Domestic Space

by (author) Olivier Vallerand

No Place for the State

The Origins and Legacies of the 1969 Omnibus Bill

edited by Christopher Dummitt & Christabelle Sethna

Exploring Gender Diversity in the Ancient World

edited by Allison Surtees & Jennifer Dyer

Before the Parade

A History of Halifax's Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Communities, 1972-1984

by (author) Rebecca Rose

I Confess!

Constructing the Sexual Self in the Internet Age

edited by Thomas Waugh & Brandon Arroyo

Queering Representation

LGBTQ People and Electoral Politics in Canada

edited by Manon Tremblay

Rebent Sinner

by (author) Ivan Coyote

I Hope We Choose Love

A Trans Girl's Notes from the End of the World

by (author) Kai Cheng Thom

Queer as Camp

Essays on Summer, Style, and Sexuality

contributions by Kenneth B. Kidd, Derritt Mason, Kyle Eveleth, Kathryn Kent, D. Gilson, Charlie Hailey, Ana M. Jimenez-Moreno, Mark Lipton, Chris McGee, Roderick McGillis, Kerry Mallan, Tammy L. Mielke, Alexis Mitchell, Flavia Musinsky, Daniel Mallory Ortberg, Annebella Pollen, Andrew Trevarrow, Paul Venzo & Joshua Whitehead

Me, Myself, They

Life Beyond the Binary

by (author) Joshua M. Ferguson

Me, Myself, They

Life Beyond the Binary

by (author) Luna M. Ferguson

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