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Infrastructural Times

Temporality and the Making of Global Urban Worlds

contributions by Lauren Marino, Timothy Moss, Olivier Coutard, AbdouMaliq Simone, Peter Ekman, Seth Schindler, Juan Kanai, Dalia Wahdan, Tamer Elshayal, Simon Marvin, Jonathan Rutherford, Jessica DiCarlo, Samantha Biglieri, Roger Keil & Amelia Thorpe
edited by Jean-Paul D. Addie, Michael R. Glass & Jen Nelles

Indigenous Legalities, Pipeline Viscosities

Colonial Extractivism and Wet’suwet’en Resistance

by (author) Tyler McCreary

Tours Inside the Snow Globe

Ottawa Monuments and National Belonging

by (author) Tonya K. Davidson

Toward Sustainable Communities, Fifth Edition

Solutions for Citizens and Their Governments

by (author) Mark Roseland, Margaret Stout & Maria Spiliotopoulou

The Bridge Effect

Critical Reflections in the Age of Technological Solutionism

by (author) Dr Laurie Brinklow & Andrew Jennings

The Deepest Map

The High-Stakes Race to Chart the World's Oceans

by (author) Laura Trethewey


The Planning, Design, and Development of Toronto’s CityPlace

by (author) James T. White & John Punter

Unstable Properties

Aboriginal Title and the Claim of British Columbia

by (author) Patricia Burke Wood & David Rossiter

Making Muskoka

Tourism, Rural Identity, and Sustainability, 1870–1920

by (author) Andrew Watson

Canada's Place Names and How to Change Them

by (author) Lauren Beck

The Rise of the Infrastructure State

How US–China Rivalry Shapes Politics and Place Worldwide

contributions by Mustafa Kemal Bayırbağ, Alvin Camba, Jerik Cruz, Guanie Lim, Meredith DeBoom, Charis Enns, Brock Bersaglio, Masalu Luhula, Ferenc Gyuris, Zhengli Huang, Tom Goodfellow, Nicholas Jepson, Wangui Kimari, Gediminas Lesutis, Julie Michelle Klinger, Kuik Cheng Chwee, Jessica C. Liao, Jessica Neafie, Dinesh Paudel, Katharine Rankin, Steven Rolf, Marcelo Saguier, Dorothy Tang, Angela Tritto, Farzana Abdilashimova, Micah Ingalls, Maximiliano Vila Seoane, Ulan Shamshiev, Mary Silaban & Rune Steenberg
edited by Seth Schindler & Jessica DiCarlo

Outside and In-Between

Theorizing Asian-Canadian Exclusion and the Challenges of Identity Formation

edited by Rose Ann Torres, Kailan Leung & Vania Soepriatna

Gentrification Is Inevitable and Other Lies

by (author) Leslie Kern

Through a Changing Landscape

Photographing Place and Community in Waterloo Region

by (author) Philippe Elsworthy
afterword by Adam Crerar

The Heart of Toronto

Corporate Power, Civic Activism, and the Remaking of Downtown Yonge Street

by (author) Daniel Ross

The Right to Be Rural

edited by Karen R. Foster & Jennifer Jarman

Vegan Geographies

Spaces Beyond Violence, Ethics Beyond Speciesism

edited by Paul Hodge, Andrew McGregor, Simon Springer, Ophelie Veron & Richard J. White

New Developments in Urban Governance

Rethinking Collaboration in the Age of Austerity

by (author) Jonathan S. Davies, Ismael Blanco, Adrian Bua, Ioannis Chorianopoulos, Mercè Cortina-Oriol, Andrés Feandeiro, Niamh Gaynor, Brendan Gleeson, Steven Griggs, Pierre Hamel, Hayley Henderson, David Howarth, Roger Keil, Madeleine Pill, Yunailis Salazar & Helen Sullivan

Corner Windows and Cul-de-Sacs

The Remarkable Story of Newfoundland's First Garden Suburb

by (author) C.A. Sharpe & A.J. Shawyer


Wildness and the Vitality of the Land

by (author) Phillip Vannini & April Vannini


The Year That Made Modern Canada

by (author) Ken Cuthbertson

Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu

by (author) Jon Turk

Volume 1: Community and Society

contributions by Sarah Turner, Nguyen N. Binh, Abdellatif Qamhaieh, Carolina Sternberg, Sheere Kadez Brooks, Ferhan Gezici, Cansu İlhan, Prajwal Nagesh, Ajay Bailey, Sobin George, Lekha Subaiya, Hanna A. Ruszczyk, M. Feisal Rahman, Olga Matveieva, Vasil Navumau, Charlotte Lemanski, Jiska de Groot, Jeremy Auerbach, Jordin Clark, Solange Muñoz, Roberto Rocco, Higor Carvalho, Luciana Royer, Beatriz Kara-José, Ellen Bal, Lorraine Nencel, Hosna J. Shewly, Sanjeeb Drong, Nurul Azreen Azlan, Diotima Chattoraj, A.K.M. Ahsan Ullah, Mallik Akram Hossain, Sallie Yea, Robin Mazumder, Richardson Dilworth, Timothy P.R. Weaver, Jolanda Lindenberg, Paul van de Vijver, Lieke de Kock, David van Bodegom, Niels Bartels, Magdalena Svetlana Rodekirchen, Sawyer Phinney, Rebekah Graham, Bridgette Masters-Awatere, Chrissie Cowan, Rose Wilkinson & Amanda Stevens
edited by Brian Doucet, Rianne van Melik & Pierre Filion

Quietly Shrinking Cities

Canadian Urban Population Loss in an Age of Growth

by (author) Maxwell Hartt

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