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Corner Windows and Cul-de-Sacs

The Remarkable Story of Newfoundland's First Garden Suburb

by (author) C.A. Sharpe & A.J. Shawyer


Wildness and the Vitality of the Land

by (author) Phillip Vannini & April Vannini


The Year That Made Modern Canada

by (author) Ken Cuthbertson

Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu

by (author) Jon Turk

Quietly Shrinking Cities

Canadian Urban Population Loss in an Age of Growth

by (author) Maxwell Hartt

Aging People, Aging Places

Experiences, Opportunities, and Challenges of Growing Older in Canada

edited by Maxwell Hartt, Samantha Biglieri, Mark Rosenberg & Sarah Nelson

Digital Lives in the Global City

Contesting Infrastructures

edited by Deborah Cowen, Alexis Mitchell, Emily Paradis & Brett Story

Planet Canada

How Our Expats Are Shaping the Future

by (author) John Stackhouse


The Long Run of the Wild River

by (author) Philip Lee

Geography of British Columbia, Fourth Edition

People and Landscapes in Transition

by (author) Brett McGillivray

Imperilled Ocean

Human Stories from a Changing Sea

by (author) Laura Trethewey

The Imperilled Ocean

Human Stories from a Changing Sea

by (author) Laura Trethewey

Frenemy Nations

Love and Hate between Neighbo(u)ring States

by (author) Mary Soderstrom


The Call of the American West

by (author) Joanna Pocock

The Well-Lived Life

Live with Purpose and Be Remembered

by (author) Lyndsay Green

Urbanism and the Changing Canadian Society

edited by S.D. Clark

Canadian Population and Northern Colonization

edited by Vincent Bladen

Stolen City

Racial Capitalism and the Making of Winnipeg

by (author) Owen Toews

No Place To Go

How Public Toilets Fail our Private Needs

by (author) Lezlie Lowe


Deciphering Shopping in Canada

by (author) Kit Dobson

The Fur Trade in Canada

An Introduction to Canadian Economic History

by (author) Harold Innis
introduction by Arthur Ray

Fiery Joe

The Maverick Who Lit Up the West

by (author) Kathleen Carlisle
foreword by Roy J. Romanow

Road Through Time

The Story of Humanity on the Move

by (author) Mary Soderstrom

Cartographies of Disease

Maps, Mapping, and Medicine, new expanded edition

by (author) Tom Koch

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