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Women, Peace, and Security

Feminist Perspectives on International Security

edited by Caroline Leprince & Cassandra Steer
preface by Stefanie von Hlatky

Women, Power, and Political Representation

Canadian and Comparative Perspectives

edited by Roosmarijn de Geus, Erin Tolley, Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant & Peter John Loewen

In a New Light

Histories of Women and Energy

edited by Abigail Harrison Moore & R.W. Sandwell

Slut-Shaming, Whorephobia, and the Unfinished Sexual Revolution

by (author) Meredith Ralston

Appealing Because He Is Appalling

Black Masculinities, Colonialism, and Erotic Racism

edited by Tamari Kitossa
foreword by Tommy J. Curry

Seconds Out

Women and Fighting

by (author) Alison Dean

The Bridge

Writing Across the Binary

by (author) Keith Maillard

Carrying the Burden of Peace

Reimagining Indigenous Masculinities Through Story

by (author) Sam McKegney

Females in the Frame

by (author) Penelope Jackson
read by Kerry Fox

Permanent Carnival Time

by (author) Colin Smith

False Summit

Gender in Mountaineering Nonfiction

by (author) Julie Rak

Daughters of Aataentsic

Life Stories from Seven Generations

by (author) Kathryn Magee Labelle
with Wendat/Wandat Women’s Advisory Council

Just the Usual Work

The Social Worlds of Ida Martin, Working-Class Diarist

by (author) Michael Boudreau & Bonnie Huskins

The Trial of Jeanne Catherine

Infanticide in Early Modern Geneva

by (author) Sarah Beam

Collective Care

Indigenous Motherhood, Family, and HIV/AIDS

by (author) Pamela Downe

Penetrating Critiques

Emasculated Empire and Victorian Identity in Africa

by (author) Leslie Allin

Superfluous Women

Art, Feminism, and Revolution in Twenty-First-Century Ukraine

by (author) Jessica Zychowicz

Violence Interrupted

Confronting Sexual Violence on University Campuses

by (author) Diane Crocker, Joanne Minaker & Amanda Neland

Transnational Identity and Memory Making in the Lives of Iraqi Women in Diaspora

by (author) Nadia' Jones-Gailani

Transnational Identity and Memory Making in the Lives of Iraqi Women in Diaspora

by (author) Nadia Jones-Gailani

Gringo Love

Stories of Sex Tourism in Brazil

by (author) Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan
illustrated by Debora Santos
adapted by William Flynn

The End of Gender

Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society

by (author) Debra Soh

Invested Indifference

How Violence Persists in Settler Colonial Society

by (author) Kara Granzow

He Thinks He's Down

White Appropriations of Black Masculinities in the Civil Rights Era

by (author) Katharine Bausch

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