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On Longing and Belonging through Language

edited by Ayelet Tsabari, Eufemia Fantetti & Leonarda Carranza

The Environmentalist's Dilemma

Promise and Peril in an Age of Climate Crisis

by (author) Arno Kopecky

Screen Captures

Film in the Age of Emergency

by (author) Stephen Lee Naish

Land of Many Shores

Perspectives from a Diverse Newfoundland and Labrador

edited by Ainsley Hawthorn

With the World to Choose From

Celebrating Seven Decades of the Beatty Lecture at McGill University

edited by Brett Hooton, Robin Koning & Meaghan Thurston
foreword by Suzanne Fortier

Bread & Water


by (author) dee Hobsbawn-Smith

Being and Swine

The End of Nature (As We Knew It)

by (author) Fahim Amir
translated by Geoffrey C. Howes & Corvin Russell

Small, Broke, and Kind of Dirty

Affirmations for the Real World

by (author) Hana Shafi

A History of My Brief Body

by (author) Billy-Ray Belcourt

Where Things Touch

A Meditation on Beauty

by (author) Bahar Orang


And Other Essays

by (author) David Adams Richards

Great Expectations

Reflections on Museums and Canada

by (author) Jack Lohman

On Fire

The Burning Case for a Green New Deal

by (author) Naomi Klein

I'm Right and You're an Idiot - 2nd Edition

The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean it Up

by (author) James Hoggan
with Grania Litwin

Legends and Teachings of Xeel's, the Creator

by (author) Ellen Rice White
foreword by Jo-Ann Archibald

Canadian Political Science Association Conference on Statistics 1964

Papers on Regional Statistical Studies

by (author) Sylvia Ostry
edited by T.K. Rymes

Whatever Gets You Through

Twelve Survivors on Life after Sexual Assault

by (author) Jen Sookfong Lee
edited by Stacey May Fowles

Urbanism and the Changing Canadian Society

edited by S.D. Clark

Canadian Population and Northern Colonization

edited by Vincent Bladen

Studia Varia

(Royal Society of Canada, Literary and Scientific Papers)

edited by E.G.D. Murray

Canadian Issues

Essays in Honour of Henry F. Angus

edited by Robert M. Clark

The Developing Canadian Community

Second Edition

by (author) S.D. Clark

Canadian Political Science Association Conference on Statistics 1961


edited by William Hood & John Sawyer

Our Debt to the Future

(Royal Society of Canada, Literary and Scientific Papers)

edited by E.G.D. Murray

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