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Globalization, Poverty, and Income Inequality

Insights from Indonesia

edited by Richard Barichello, Arianto A. Patunru & Richard Schwindt

The Political Economy of Agrarian Extractivism

Lessons From Bolivia

by (author) Ben M. McKay

Luttes paysannes en Colombie 1970-2016

Conflit agraire et perspectives de paix

by (author) Leila Celis

Corporate Social Responsibility and Canada's Role in Africa's Extractive Sectors

edited by Nathan Andrews & J. Andrew Grant

Enjeux et défis du développement international

Acteurs et champs d'action. Édition nouvelle et actualisée

edited by Pierre Beaudet, Dominique Caouette, Paul Haslam & Abdelhamid Benhmade
contributions by Éric Allina, Albert Ze, Alejandro Marreros Lobato, Alexa Conradi, Amélie Nguyen, Arnaud Zacharie, Aurélie Arnaud, Carmen Diaz, Cédric Jourde, Charmain Levy, Christophe Aguiton, David Sogge, Déo Niyonkuru, Diane Alalouf-Hall, Dominique Plihon, Emilio Taddei, Éric Toussaint, Étienne Hainzelin, Flora Pidoux, Florent Song-Naba, Francine Mestrum, François Audet, François Polet, Francoise Montambeault, Geneviève Talbot, Ghislaine Raymond, Gilbert Rist, Gustave Massiah, Hélène Pellerin, Jean-François Rousseau, Jean-Philippe Leblond, Leo Panitch, Jean-Philippe Thérien, Jonathan Durand-Folco, Katina Binette, Lauchlan T. Munro, Laurence Hamel-Charest, Leila Celis, Lucie Lamarche, Luis Klein Juan, Maika Sondarjee, Mamadou Barry, Mamadou Ndoye, Manon Boulianne, Marie Brodeur-Gelinas, Marie-Éve Bertrand, Marie-Pierre Bousquet, Marie-Pierre Leroux, Maristella Svampa, Mathieu Perron-Dufour, Matthieu Boussichas, Michel Husson, Michel Warschawski, Moussa Dembélé Dembélé Demba, Mylène Gaulard, Nailya Okda, Naomi Klein, Nora Nagels, Pascale Dufour, Philippe Fournier, Philippe Régnier, Pierre Beaucage, Pierre Jasmin, Raphael Canet, Rino Levesque, Robert David, Roromme Chantal, Ryoa Chung, Samantha McGavin, Sanni Yaya, Sarah Charland-Faucher, Sophie Brière, Stéphanie Maltais, Stephen Brown, Sylvie Paquerot, Thomas Chiasson-Lebel, Thomas Collombat, Walden Bello & Yves-Marie Abraham

A Human Rights Based Approach to Development in India

edited by Moshe Hirsch, Ashok Kotwal & Bharat Ramaswami

Private Sector Entrepreneurship in Global Health

Innovation, Scale, and Sustainability

edited by Kathryn Mossman, Anita MaGahan, Will Mitchell & Onil Bhattacharyya

Organized Violence

Capitalist Warfare in Latin America

edited by Dawn Paley & Simon Granovsky-Larsen

Dealing with Peace

The Guatemalan Campesino Movement and the Post-Conflict Neoliberal State

by (author) Simon Granovsky-Larsen

Politics Rules

Power, Globalization and Development

by (author) Adam Sneyd

Residential Water Demand and Economic Development

by (author) Terence Lee

Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

Tales of International Development

by (author) Jacques Claessens
translated by Nigel Spencer

Federalism and Decentralization in Health Care

A Decision Space Approach

edited by Gregory Marchildon & Thomas J. Bossert

Toward a Better World

Memoirs of a Life in International and Development Economics

by (author) Gerald (Gerry) Helleiner

A Conviction in Question

The First Trial at the International Criminal Court

by (author) Jim Freedman

Powered by Love

A Grandmothers' Movement to End AIDS in Africa

by (author) Joanna Henry & Ilana Landsberg-Lewis
photographs by Alexis MacDonald
edited by Michele Landsberg

Revitalizing Health for All

Case Studies of the Struggle for Comprehensive Primary Health Care

edited by Ronald Labonte, David Sanders, Corinne Packer & Nikki Schaay
by (author) International Development Research Centr

Reinventing Prosperity

Managing Economic Growth to Reduce Unemployment, Inequality and Climate Change

by (author) Graeme Maxton & Jorgen Randers
foreword by David Suzuki

Politicized Microfinance

Money, Power, and Violence in the Black Americas

by (author) Caroline Shenaz Hossein

Politicized Microfinance

Money, Power, and Violence in the Black Americas

by (author) Caroline Shenaz Hossein

Economics in the Twenty-First Century

A Critical Perspective

by (author) Robert Chernomas & Ian Hudson

Ancestral Lines

The Maisin of Papua New Guinea and the Fate of the Rainforest, Second Edition

by (author) John Barker

The Heart of Helambu

Ethnography and Entanglement in Nepal

by (author) Tom O'Neill

Community Nutrition for Developing Countries

edited by Norman J. Temple & Nelia Steyn

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