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None of the Above

Nonreligious Identity in the US and Canada

by (author) Joel Thiessen & Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme

Empty Planet

The Shock of Global Population Decline

by (author) Darrell Bricker & John Ibbitson

The Millennial Mosaic

How Pluralism and Choice Are Shaping Canadian Youth and the Future of Canada

by (author) Reginald W. Bibby, Joel Thiessen & Monetta Bailey


Populism, Immigration, and the Future of White Majorities

by (author) Eric Kaufmann
read by Tom Parks

Canadian Population and Northern Colonization

edited by Vincent Bladen

Jewish Family

Identity and Self-Formation at Home

by (author) Alex Pomson & Randal F. Schnoor


What Being Brown in the World Today Means (to Everyone)

by (author) Kamal Al-Solaylee

Could It Happen Here?

Canada in the Age of Trump and Brexit

by (author) Michael Adams

“I Don’t See Color”

Personal and Critical Perspectives on White Privilege

edited by Bettina Bergo & Tracey Nicholls
preface by Eula Biss

Aboriginal Populations

Social, Demographic, and Epidemiological Perspectives

contributions by Frank Trovato, Anatole Romaniuk, Chris Andersen, Nickolas Biddle, Michael J. Chandler, Stewart Clatworthy, Senada Delic, James Frideres, Gustave Goldmann, Eric Guimond, Malcolm King, Brenda Kobayashi, Than H. Kukutai, Ron Laliberté, Roger Maaka, Mary Jane Norris, Evelyn J. Peters, Andrey N. Petrov, Ian Pool, Sarah Prout, Norbert Robitaille, Sacha Senécal, Matthew Snipp, John Taylor, Ravi Verma, Cora Voyageur, Mandy Yap & T. Kue Young

Ethnic Groups and Marital Choices

Ethnic History and Marital Assimilation, in Canada 1871 and 1971

by (author) Madeline Kalbach

Demography in Canada in the Twentieth Century

by (author) Sylvia T. Wargon

Household Counts

Canadian Households and Families in 1901

edited by Peter Baskerville & Eric W. Sager

The Changing Face of Canada

Essential Readings in Population

edited by Roderic Beaujot & Don Kerr

Sex in the Snow

The Surprising Revolution In Canadian Social Values

by (author) Michael Adams

Spoken Here

Travels among Threatened Languages

by (author) Mark Abley

A World Growing Old

by (author) Jeremy Seabrook

Aging and Demographic Change in Canadian Context

edited by David Cheal

The Politics of Population

State Formation, Statistics, and the Census of Canada, 1840-1875

by (author) Bruce Curtis

Independence and Economic Security in Old Age

by (author) Frank Denton
edited by Deborah Fretz & Byron Spencer

Bullets on the Water

Refugee Stories

by (author) Ivaylo Grouev

Immigrant Canada

Demographic, Economic, and Social Challenges

edited by Leo Driedger & Shiva Halli

Worlds in Motion

Understanding International Migration at the End of the Millennium

by (author) Douglas S. Massey, Joaquin Arango, Graeme Hugo, Ali Kouaouci & Adela Pellegrino

Infant and Child Mortality in the Past

edited by Alain Bideau, Bertrand Desjardins & Hector Perez-Brignoli

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