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Home Safe

A Memoir of End-of-Life Care During Covid-19

by (author) Mitchell Consky

Death Interrupted

How Modern Medicine Is Complicating the Way We Die

by (author) Blair Bigham

Assisted Suicide in Canada

Moral, Legal, and Policy Considerations

by (author) Travis Dumsday

Dying in Good Hands

Palliative Massage and the Power of Touch

by (author) Christine Sutherland

Death and Dying in Buddhism

by (author) Edward Horner

How to Die: A Book About Being Alive

by (author) Ray Robertson

Social Perspectives on Death and Dying, 3rd Edition

by (author) Jeanette A. Auger

Sitting Shiva on Minto Avenue, by Toots

by (author) Erín Moure

Carolyn and Cancer

Some Days I Don't Feel Like Slaying Dragons

by (author) Carolyn Schreuer

The Last Word

Reviving the Dying Art of Eulogy

by (author) Julia Cooper

Dying and Death in Canada, Third Edition

by (author) Herbert C. Northcott & Donna M. Wilson

Men of Action

by (author) Howard Akler

Life or Death

A Matter of Choice?

by (author) Daniel J. Baum

Death Talk, Second Edition

The Case Against Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide

by (author) Margaret Somerville

Death Talk

The Case Against Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide, Second Edition

by (author) Margaret Somerville

The Best of The End 2012

A Collection of Maclean's Most Beloved Obituaries

by (author) Maclean's


The Scientific Facts to Help Us Understand It Better

by (author) Richard Beliveau & Denis Gingras

Titanic Victims in Halifax Graveyards revised edition

by (author) Blair Beed

Last Moments

Sentenced to Death in Canada

by (author) Dale Brawn

A Better Place

Death and Burial in Nineteenth-Century Ontario

by (author) Susan Smart


Adventures of an Undertaker-in-Training

by (author) Tom Jokinen

Not Yet

A Memoir of Living and Almost Dying

by (author) Wayson Choy

Contesting Aging and Loss

edited by Janice Graham & Peter Stephenson

Contesting Aging and Loss

edited by Janice E. Graham & Peter H. Stephenson

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