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Depressive Illness

An Information Guide

by (author) Christina Bartha, Carol Parker & Cathy Thompson

Couple Therapy

An Information Guide

by (author) Dave Denberg

La Thérapie de couple

Guide d'information

by (author) Dave Denberg

First Contact

A Brief Treatment for Young Substance Users

prepared for publication by Centre For Addiction And Mental Health
by (author) Curtis Breslin & Kathy Sdao-Jarvie

Premier contact

Traitement de courte durée pour les jeunes usagers d’alcool et de drogues

prepared for publication by Centre For Addiction And Mental Health
by (author) Curtis Breslin & Kathy Sdao-Jarvie

Introduction au rétablissement

Animation efficace de groupes en début de rétablissement – Guide de l’animateur

by (author) Michael Dean & Phillip Lange

Introduction to Recovery

A Facilitator’s Guide to Effective Early Recovery Groups

by (author) Michael Dean & Phillip Lange

Splitting Up

Divorce, Culture, and the Search for a Real Life

by (author) Larry Frolick

Alone in a Crowd?

Social Isolation Of Seniors in Care Facilities

by (author) Association of Advocates for Care Reform

Into the Daylight

A Wholistic Approach to Healing

by (author) Calvin Morrisseau

Sexual Abuse By Health Professionals

A Personal Search for Meaning and Healing

by (author) Susan Penfold

Staying Human during Residency Training

How to Survive and Thrive after Medical School, Sixth Edition

by (author) Allan D. Peterkin

When the Sun Sets

A guide to Funeral Planning

by (author) Geoffrey Carnell

Vouloir changer

Une approche axée sur le client traitant de l’usage d’alcool et de médicaments chez les aînés

by (author) Centre For Addiction And Mental Health

Choosing to Change

A Client-Centred Approach to Alcohol and Medication Use by Older Adults

by (author) Centre For Addiction And Mental Health

Coming Back to Life (PDF)

Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World

by (author) Joanna Macy & Molly Young Brown


Lifestyle and Financial Planning for Simpler Living

by (author) Betty Jane Wylie

Healing Times

A Personal Workbook

by (author) Louise Giroux

Nutrition et rétablissement

Guide à l’intention des professionnels pour une alimentation saine au cours du rétablissement d’une toxicomanie

by (author) Trish Dekker


A Guide to Career Bliss

by (author) Robert Burns

God for Beginners

by (author) Ralph Milton


How to Quit Drinking or Cut Down

by (author) Martha Sanchez-Craig

Getting A Life: Strategies For Joyful & Effective Living

by (author) Copthorne Macdonald

Eyes Wide Open

Spiritual Resources for Healing from Childhood Sexual Assault

by (author) Louise Cummings

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