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The Science and Spirit of Seaweed

Discovering Food, Medicine and Purpose in the Kelp Forests of the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Amanda Swinimer

Mammals of Prince Edward Island and Adjacent Marine Waters

by (author) Rosemary Curley, Pierre-Yves Daoust, Donald McAlpine, Kim Riehl & Dan McAskill

A Field Guide to Marine Life of the Protected Waters of the Salish Sea

by (author) Rick M. Harbo

A Field Guide to Marine Life of the Outer Coasts of the Salish Sea and Beyond

by (author) Rick M. Harbo

Oceans in Decline

by (author) Sergio Rossi

Fundamentals of Limnology

by (author) Franz Ruttner
translated by D.G. Frey & F.E.J. Fry

Call of the Blue

by (author) Philip Hamilton

Sharks of the Shallows

Coastal Species in Florida and the Bahamas

by (author) Jeffrey C. Carrier
photographs by Andy Murch, Jillian Morris & Duncan Brake

Florida Manatees

Biology, Behavior, and Conservation

by (author) John E. Reynolds III
photographs by Wayne Lynch


A Scientific Memoir

by (author) Jude Isabella

Marine Mammals of British Columbia

Royal BC Museum Handbook

by (author) John K.B. Ford

Fish Parasites

Pathobiology and Protection

by (author) Patrick T.K. Woo
edited by Kurt Buchmann

Ocean Outpost

The Future of Humans Living Underwater

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

A Science on the Scales

The Rise of Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Biology, 1898-1939

by (author) Jennifer M. Hubbard

Icy Battleground

Canada the IFAW and the Seal Hunt

by (author) Donald Barry

Respiration in Aquatic Ecosystems

edited by Paul del Giorgio & Peter Williams

Proceedings of the 17th International Seaweed Symposium

edited by Anthony R.O. Chapman, Robert J. Anderson, Valerie J. Vreeland & Ian R. Davison

Sea Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound

by (author) Philip Lambert

Fishing Places, Fishing People

Traditions and Issues in Canadian Small-Scale Fisheries

edited by Dianne Newell & Rosemary Ommer

At the Seashore: Atlantic Edition

by (author) Pamela Hickman
illustrated by Twila Robar-DeCoste

Masters of the Ocean Realm

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises

by (author) John Heyning

Guide to the Marine Sport Fishes of Atlantic Canada and New England

by (author) Brian W. Coad

Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Andy Lamb
photographs by Phil Edgell