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Energy Humanities

An Anthology

edited by Imre Szeman & Dominic Boyer

The Carbon Code

How You Can Become a Climate Change Hero

by (author) Brett Favaro

Ecologists and Environmental Politics

A History of Contemporary Ecology

by (author) Stephen Bocking

Unbuilt Environments

Tracing Postwar Development in Northwest British Columbia

by (author) Jonathan Peyton

Vascular Plants of Alberta, Part 1

Ferns, Fern Allies, Gymnosperms, and Monocots

by (author) John Packer & A. Joyce Gould

Cold, Hungry and In the Dark

Exploding the Natural Gas Myth

by (author) Bill Powers
narrator Michael Puttonen

East Coast

Arctic to Tropic

by (author) David Freese


by (author) Arnold Zageris

Community Forestry in Canada

Lessons from Policy and Practice

edited by Sara Teitelbaum

Power Density

A Key to Understanding Energy Sources and Uses

by (author) Vaclav Smil

Empowering Electricity

Co-operatives, Sustainability, and Power Sector Reform in Canada

by (author) Julie L. MacArthur

Vulnerability and Adaptation to Drought on the Canadian Prairies

edited by Harry Diaz & Jim Warren
contributions by Margot Hurlbert, Jose Armando Boninsegna, Barrie Bonsal, Darrell Corkal, Amber Fletcher, Monica Hadarits, Tom Harrison, Samantha Kerr, Erin Knuttila, Suren Kulshreshta, Gregory Marchildon, Elma Montana, Bruce Morito, Jeremy Pittman, Alejandro Rojas, David Sauchyn, Paula Santibanez, A. Unvoas, Johanna Wandel, James Warren, Virginia Whittrock & Elaine Wheaton

Moving Natures

Mobility and the Environment in Canadian History

edited by Ben Bradley & Colin M. Coates
contributions by Jay Young, Thomas Peace, Jim Clifford, Judy Burns, Ken Cruikshank, Andrew Watson, Merle Massie, Daniel Macfarlane, Tor H. Oiamo, Don Lafreniere, Joy Parr, J.I. Little, Jessica Dunkin, Elizabeth L. Jewett, Elsa Lam & Maude-Emmanuelle Lambert

A Canadian Climate of Mind

Passages from Fur to Energy and Beyond

by (author) Timothy B. Leduc

Canadian Climate of Mind

Passages from Fur to Energy and Beyond

by (author) Timothy B. Leduc

The Arid Lands

History, Power, Knowledge

by (author) Diana K. Davis

Baffin Island

Field Research and High Arctic Adventure, 1961-67

by (author) Jack D. Ives

Canadian Countercultures and the Environment

edited by Colin M. Coates
contributions by Matt Cavers, Megan Davies, Nancy Janovicek, Alan MacEachern, David Neufeld, Ryan O'Connor, Kathleen Rodgers, Daniel Ross, Henry Trim & Sharon Weaver

Mining and Communities in Northern Canada

History, Politics, and Memory

contributions by Arn Keeling, John Sandlos, Patricia Boulter, Jean-Sébastien Boutet, Emilie Cameron, Sarah Gordon, Heather Green, Jane Hammond, Joella Hogan, Tyler Levitan, Hereward Longley, Scott Midgley, Kevin O’Reilly, Andrea Procter & Alexandra Winton

Slick Water

Fracking and One Insider's Stand against the World's Most Powerful Industry

by (author) Andrew Nikiforuk

After the Sands

Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians

by (author) Gordon Laxer

Back to the Well

Rethinking the Future of Water

by (author) Marq de Villiers

Reframing Sustainable Tourism

by (author) Stephen F. McCool
edited by Keith Bosak

Harvesting the Biosphere

What We Have Taken from Nature

by (author) Vaclav Smil

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