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Just Like Being There

A Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories

by (author) Eric Choi

I Have Lived Four Lives

by (author) Wilfred Buck

The Astronomer's Chair

A Visual and Cultural History

by (author) Omar W. Nasim

2021 Night Sky Almanac

A Month-by-Month Guide to North America's Skies from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

by (author) Nicole Mortillaro

The Smallest Lights in the Universe

A Memoir

by (author) Sara Seager

An Earthling's Guide to Outer Space

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Black Holes, Dwarf Planets, Aliens, and More

by (author) Bob McDonald

Science of Shakespeare

A New Look at the Playwright's Universe

by (author) Dan Falk

The Science of Why, Volume 3

Answers to Questions About Science Myths, Mysteries, and Marvels

by (author) Jay Ingram

50 Things to see With a Telescope

A young stargazer's guide

by (author) John A. Read

Astronomy 2019

edited by Terence Dickinson

Hubble's Universe

Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images

by (author) Terence Dickinson

Astronomy 2018

edited by Terence Dickinson

The Canadian Space Program

From Black Brant to the International Space Station

by (author) Andrew B. Godefroy

The Pillars of Creation

Giant Molecular Clouds, Star Formation, and Cosmic Recycling

by (author) Martin Beech

Astronomy 2017

edited by Terence Dickinson

XCOR, Developing the Next Generation Spaceplane

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Prize-winning Images by Top Astrophotographers

foreword by Terence Dickinson

Astro-Imaging Projects for Amateur Astronomers

A Maker's Guide

by (author) Jim Chung

Astronomy 2016

edited by Terence Dickinson

Virgin Galactic

The First Ten Years

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Tourists in Space

A Practical Guide

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Astronomy 2015

edited by Terence Dickinson


Industry at the Edge of Space

by (author) Erik Seedhouse

Neutrino Hunters

The Thrilling Chase For A Ghostly Particle To Unlock The Secrets Of The Universe

by (author) Ray Jayawardhana

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