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Time Sequence Analysis in Geophysics: Third Edition

by (author) E.R. Kanasewich

Time Sequence Analysis in Geophysics

by (author) E.R. Kanasewich

A Triune Concept of the Brain and Behaviour

Hincks Memorial Lectures

by (author) Paul MacLean
edited by T.J. Boag & D. Campbell

Bibliography of Climatology for the Prairie Provinces 1957-1969

by (author) C.M. Armitage

International Geography 1972

Volumes 1 and 2

edited by Peter Adams & Frederick Helleiner

The Atlantic Provinces

Studies in Canadian Geography

edited by Alan Macpherson

British Columbia

Studies in Canadian Geography

edited by J. Lewis Robinson

Dynamic Structure of Nuclear States

by (author) David J. Rowe, Lynn E.H. Trainor & Samuel S.M. Wong
edited by T. William Donnelly

Etudes sur la Geographie du Canada

edited by Fernand Grenier

Studies in Canadian Geography


by (author) R. Louis Gentilcore

Residential Water Demand

Alternative Choices for Management

by (author) Angelo P. Grima

Taxonomy of Fungi Imperfecti

Proceedings of the First International Specialists' Workshop Conference on Criteria and Terminology in the Classification of Fungi Imperfecti, Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada

edited by Bryce Kendrick

Theory of Seismic Head Waves

by (author) Vlastislav Cerveny & Ravi Ravindra

Mathematical Theory of Dislocations and Fracture

by (author) R.W. Lardner

Permafrost in Canada

Its Influence on Northern Development

by (author) Roger Brown

Kant's Concept of Geography and its Relation to Recent Geographical Thought

by (author) J.A. May

The Methodological Heritage of Newton

edited by Robert Butts & John Davis

Pacific Northwest Ferns and Their Allies

by (author) Thomas M.C. Taylor

Nonstationary Flows and Shock Waves

by (author) Irvine I. Glass & J.P. Sislian

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