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Quakerism in the Atlantic World, 1690-1830

edited by Robynne Rogers Healey

Ivan Illich

An Intellectual Journey

by (author) David Cayley

Wrestling with Zionism

Jewish Voices of Dissent

by (author) Daphna Levit

Faith or Fraud

Fortune-Telling, Spirituality, and the Law

by (author) Jeremy Patrick

The A-Z of Intermarriage

by (author) Denise Handlarski

Moments of Crisis

Religion and National Identity in Québec

by (author) Ian A. Morrison

Educationalization and Its Complexities

Religion, Politics, and Technology

edited by Rosa Bruno-Jofré

Zwingli's Theocracy

by (author) Robert C. Walton

Church and the State in Canada West, 1841-1867

by (author) John S. Moir

Sect, Cult, and Church in Alberta

by (author) William Mann

The Paul's Cross Sermons 1534-1642

by (author) Millar MacLure

Undoing Babel

The Tower of Babel in Anglo-Saxon Literature

by (author) Tristan Major

Bayanihan and Belonging

Filipinos and Religion in Canada

by (author) Alison R. Marshall

Securitized Citizens

Canadian Muslims' Experiences of Race Relations and Identity Formation Post-9/11

by (author) Baljit Nagra

Catholic Education in the Wake of Vatican II

edited by Rosa Bruno-Jofré & Jon Igelmo Zaldivar

Public Health in the Age of Anxiety

Religious and Cultural Roots of Vaccine Hesitancy in Canada

edited by Paul Bramadat, Maryse Guay, Julie Bettinger & Rêal Roy
by (author) Centre for Studies in Religion & Society

Gandhi in a Canadian Context

Relationships between Mahatma Gandhi and Canada

edited by Alex Damm

The Costa Rican Catholic Church, Social Justice, and the Rights of Workers, 1979-1996

by (author) Dana Sawchuk

Our Battle for the Human Spirit

Scientific Knowing, Technical Doing, and Daily Living

by (author) Willem H. Vanderburg

The Growth of Minds and Culture

A Unified Interpretation of the Structure of Human Experience, Second Edition

by (author) Willem H. Vanderburg

Desiring a Better Country

Forays in Political Theology

by (author) Douglas Farrow

Laïcité et humanisme

edited by Charles Le Blanc

Religion and Sexuality

Diversity and the Limits of Tolerance

edited by Pamela Dickey Young, Heather Shipley & Tracy J. Trothen

The Multiculturalism and Religious Identity

Canada and India

by (author) Sonia Sikka & Lori G. Beaman

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