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Hijras, Lovers, Brothers

Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India

by (author) Vaibhav Saria

The Shadow that Seeks the Sun

Finding Joy, Love and Answers on the Sacred River Ganges

by (author) Ray Brooks

Sage Mukundraj's Paramaamrita

Pointers To Self Realization

by (author) Ramesh Balsekar

Hindu Iconoclasts

Rammohun Roy, Dayananda Sarasvati, and Nineteenth-Century Polemics against Idolatry

by (author) Noel Salmond

Canadian Women Shaping Diasporic Religious Identities

edited by Becky R. Lee & Terry Tak-ling Woo

The Bhagavad-Gita

A New Translation

translated by Georg Feuerstein & Brenda Feuerstein

Tastes of the Divine

Hindu and Christian Theologies of Emotion

by (author) Michelle Voss Roberts

When a Goddess Dies

Worshipping Ma Anandamayi after Her Death

by (author) Orianne Aymard

Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place

Localizing Sanctity in Asian Religions

edited by Phyllis Granoff & Koichi Shinohara

Readings in Eastern Religions

2nd edition

by (author) Harold Coward, Ronald Neufeldt & Eva K. Neumaier

Entender el Hinduismo

Orígenes, creencias, prácticas, textos sagrados, lugares sagrados

by (author) Vasudha Narayanan
translated by Maite Rodríguez Fischer

Culture Quest

Student Book

by (author) Angus Scully

Mythologies and Philosophies of Salvation in the Theistic Traditions of India

by (author) Klaus K. Klostermaier

The Conception of Punishment in Early Indian Literature

by (author) Terence Day

The Ramayana Revisited

edited by Mandakranta Bose

Hinduism and Its Sense of History

by (author) Arvind Sharma

Playing Host to Deity

Festival Religion in the South Indian Tradition

by (author) Paul Younger

The Home of Dancing Sivan

The Traditions of the Hindu Temple in Citamparam

by (author) Paul Younger

Gandhi and the Gita

edited by Hans J.I. Bakker

Hinduism for Our Times

by (author) Arvind Sharma

Lustful Maidens and Ascetic Kings

Buddhist and Hindu Stories of Life

by (author) Roy C. Amore & Larry D. Shinn