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New Moon Magic

13 Anti-Capitalist Tools for Resistance and Re-Enchantment

by (author) Risa Dickens & Amy Torok

Eating Like a Mennonite

Food and Community across Borders

by (author) Marlene Epp

Ancestral Whispers

A Guide to Building Ancestral Veneration Practices

by (author) Ben Stimpson


My Jesus Freak Life In a Doomsday Cult

by (author) Perry Bulwer

Une fête pour notre amour - Nouvelle traduction liturgique

Textes liturgiques pour la célébration du mariage

contributions by Alain Roy & Robert Miron
by (author) Collectif

Canada-Chile Solidarity, 1973-1990

Testimonies of Civil Society Action

edited by Liisa North

Claiming God’s Love

Drawing on the Wisdom of Henri Nouwen

by (author) Sylvain Lavoie

Never-Ending Love

Sharing Stories, Prayers and Comfort for Miscarriage and Infant Loss

edited by Anne Louise Mahoney

Au quotidien - Avent et Noël 2023

by (author) Serge Comeau

The Holy Spirit and the Eagle Feather

The Struggle for Indigenous Pentecostalism in Canada

by (author) Aaron A.M. Ross


A Son Picks Up the Pieces of His Father's Rage

by (author) Arthur Boers
foreword by Andre Dubus

The New Perspective on Grace

Paul and the Gospel after Paul and the Gift

edited by Edward Adams, Dorothea H. Bertschmann, Stephen J. Chester, Jonathan A. Linebaugh & Todd D. Still

Taurus Witch

Unlock the Magic of Your Sun Sign

by (author) Ivo Dominguez & Thorn Mooney
contributions by Khi Armand, Cheryl Costa, Selena Fox, Dodie Graham McKay, Christopher Orapello, Christopher Penczak, Dawn Aurora Hunt & Sandra Kynes

Aries Witch

Unlock the Magic of Your Sun Sign

by (author) Ivo Dominguez & Diotima Mantineia
contributions by Danielle Blackwood, Michael Cabrera, Cat Castells, Jack Chanek, Lilith Dorsey, Crow Walker, Dawn Aurora Hunt & Sandra Kynes

The Temple at the End of the Universe

A Search for Spirituality in the Anthropocene

by (author) Josiah Neufeld

Your Body Is a Revolution

Healing Our Relationships with Our Bodies, Each Other, and the Earth

by (author) Tara Teng

Au fil des jours - Calendrier 2024

by (author) Congrégation de Notre-Dame de Charité du Bon-Pasteur

New Testament Apocrypha, vol. 3

More Noncanonical Scriptures

edited by Tony Burke

Into the Mirror

A Buddhist Journey through Mind, Matter, and the Nature of Reality

by (author) Andy Karr
foreword by Matthieu Ricard

I Felt the End Before It Came

Memoirs of a Queer Ex-Jehovah's Witness

by (author) Daniel Allen Cox

Caught in the Current

British and Canadian Evangelicals in an Age of Self-Spirituality

by (author) Sam Reimer

The Dervishes of the North

Rumi, Whirling, and the Making of Sufism in Canada

by (author) Merin Shobhana Xavier

Llewellyn's Complete Book of North American Folk Magic

A Landscape of Magic, Mystery, and Tradition

edited by Cory Thomas Hutcheson
contributions by Brandon Weston, Melissa A. Ivanco-Murray, Starr Casas, Stephanie Rose Bird, H. Byron Ballard, Benebell Wen, Jake Richards, Alexander Cummins, Lilith Dorsey, Sandra Santiago, Robert L. Schreiwer, Via Hedera, Kenya T. Coviak, Ixtoii Paloma Cervantes, Robert Phoenix, Eliseo "Cheo" Torres, Morrigane Feu, E.F.E. Lacharity, J. Allen Cross, Morgan Daimler, Dee Norman, Aaron Oberon & Mario Del Ángel-Guevara

Recovering an Undomesticated Apostle

Essays on the Legacy of Paul

edited by Christopher B. Zeichmann & John A. Egger

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