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Marcher, parler, écouter (numérique ePub)

L'exercice pèlerin

by (author) Brigitte Harouni & Éric Laliberté

Voir la Terre autrement (numérique ePub)

Pistes pour une spiritualité écologique

by (author) André Beauchamp

Voir la Terre autrement (numérique PDF)

Pistes pour une spiritualité écologique

by (author) André Beauchamp

A Voice Without End

The Role of David in Psalms 3–14

by (author) Andrew C. Witt

Missing Witches

Recovering True Histories of Feminist Magic

by (author) Risa Dickens
illustrated by Amy Torok

Quakerism in the Atlantic World, 1690–1830

edited by Robynne Rogers Healey


A Shorter Commentary

by (author) Bruce K. Waltke & Ivan D.V. De Silva

Témoin d’une Église de printemps (numérique ePub)

Itinéraire spirituel et pastoral de Paul-Émile Charbonneau

by (author) Denise Robillard

Témoin d’une Église de printemps (numérique PDF)

Itinéraire spirituel et pastoral de Paul-Émile Charbonneau

by (author) Denise Robillard

The Magic of Rogues

Necromancers in Early Tudor England

by (author) Frank Klaassen & Sharon Hubbs Wright

The Problem of Jesus

Answering a Skeptic's Challenges to the Scandal of Jesus

read by Mark Clark
foreword by Ray Johnston

Dance Your Dance

8 Steps to Unleash Your Passion and Live Your Dream

read by Laurieann Gibson
with Mark Dagostino

Nothing Absolute

German Idealism and the Question of Political Theology

contributions by Kirill Chepurin, Alex Dubilet, Joseph Albernaz, Daniel C. Barber, Agata Bielik-Robson, S.D. Chrostowska, Saitya Brata Das, Vincent W. Lloyd, Thomas Lynch, James Martel, Steven Shakespeare, Oxana Timofeeva & Daniel Whistler

A Rhythm of Prayer

A Collection of Meditations for Renewal

edited by Sarah Bessey
contributions by Amena Brown, Barbara Brown Taylor & Lisa Sharon Harper

A Handbook of Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Near East

Three Thousand Deities of Anatolia, Syria, Israel, Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, and Elam

by (author) Douglas R. Frayne & Johanna H. Stuckey
illustrated by Stéphane D. Beaulieu

Ivan Illich

An Intellectual Journey

by (author) David Cayley

Journey to Fulfillment

Six Keys for Opening to Life

by (author) Pema Chodron

Money Matters

Faith, Life, and Wealth

by (author) R. Paul Stevens & Clive Lim

Dear God

Honest Prayers to a God Who Listens

by (author) Bunmi Laditan
read by Mia Ellis

Yasodhara and the Buddha

by (author) Vanessa R. Sasson

Before You Split

Find What You Really Want for the Future of Your Marriage

by (author) Toni Nieuwhof

No Longer Will We Say

by (author) L.E. Maughan & Brandon Hafermehl

In Light of Who You Are

by (author) L.E. Maughan

Thriving Churches

Urban and Rural Successes

by (author) Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd

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