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On Retreat with Henri Nouwen

Engaging Life's Big Questions

by (author) Chris Pritchett & Marjorie J. Thompson

I Hope

by (author) Anne Louise Mahoney
illustrated by Joan Subirana

By the Light of the Crescent Moon

by (author) Ailsa Keppie


Art and Islamic Cosmopolitanism

edited by Melia Belli Bose

Didn't See It Coming

Overcoming the Seven Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences

by (author) Carey Nieuwhof

Aging Matters

Finding Your Calling for the Rest of Your Life

by (author) R. Paul Stevens

Persons and Other Things

Exploring the Philosophy of the Hebrew Bible

by (author) Mark Glouberman

The Power of Now 2022 Wall Calendar: A Year of Inspirational Quotes

by Eckhart Tolle

by (author) Eckhart Tolle & Amber Lotus Publishing

Living with Yourself

by (author) Bobby Basran

All Things in Common

A Canadian Family and Its Island Utopia

by (author) Ruth Brouwer

Ethics Out of Law

Hermann Cohen and the “Neighbor”

by (author) Dana Hollander

Living with Concepts

Anthropology in the Grip of Reality

contributions by Andrew Brandel, Marco Motta, Jocelyn Benoist, Michael Cordey, Veena Das, Rasmus Dyring, Michael D. Jackson, Michael Lambek, Sandra Laugier, Michael Puett, Lotte Buch Segal & Thomas Schwarz Wentzer

For and Against the Bible

A Translation of Sylvain Marechals Pour et Contre la Bible (1801)

by (author) Sylvain Marechal
edited and translated by Sheila Delany

Lost Tribes Found

Israelite Indians and Religious Nationalism in Early America

by (author) Matthew W. Dougherty

Shiva Dancing at King Arthur's Court

What Yoga Stories and Western Myths Tell Us About Ourselves

by (author) Bernie Clark

The Oxford Handbook of the Apocrypha

edited by Gerbern S. Oegema

The Uncomfortable Pew

Christianity and the New Left in Toronto

by (author) Bruce Douville

Hijras, Lovers, Brothers

Surviving Sex and Poverty in Rural India

by (author) Vaibhav Saria

First Isaiah and the Disappearance of the Gods

by (author) Matthew J. Lynch

Understanding Climate Change through Religious Lifeworlds

edited by David L. Haberman
contributions by Cecilie Rubow, Guillermo Salas Carreño, C. Mathews Samson, Amanda Bertana, Georgina Drew, Karim-Aly S. Kassam, Karine Gagné, Mabel Gergan, Willis Jenkins & Karsten Paerregaard

Thinking about Good and Evil

Jewish Views from Antiquity to Modernity

by (author) Wayne Allen

The Queer Evangelist

A Socialist Clergy's Radically Honest Tale

by (author) Cheri DiNovo, CM
foreword by Kathleen Wynne

The Queer Evangelist

A Socialist Clergy's Radically Honest Tale

by (author) Cheri DiNovo
foreword by Kathleen Wynne

No Longer Strangers

Transforming Evangelism with Immigrant Communities

edited by Eugene Cho & Samira Izadi Page
foreword by Ann Voskamp

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