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Solution-Focused Interviewing

Applying Positive Psychology, A Manual for Practitioners

by (author) Ronald E. Warner

Interrupted with Bipolar

by (author) Shae Therrien
edited by Deana Driver

Preventing Eating-Related and Weight-Related Disorders

Collaborative Research, Advocacy, and Policy Change

edited by Gail L. McVey, Michael P. Levine, Niva Piran & H. Bruce Ferguson

Hearing Voices

Qualitative Inquiry in Early Psychosis

edited by Katherine M. Boydell & H. Bruce Ferguson

Out of the Blue

A Memoir of Workplace Depression, Recovery, Redemption and, Yes, Happiness

by (author) Jan Wong

Tranquil Prisons

Chemical Incarceration under Community Treatment Orders

by (author) Erick Fabris

Homelessness, Housing, and Mental Health

Finding Truths — Creating Change

edited by Cheryl Forchuk, Rick Csiernik & Elsabeth Jensen

A Concise Introduction to Mental Health in Canada

by (author) Elliot Goldner, Emily Jenkins, Jessica Prairie & Dan Bilsker

Clickety Clack

My Bipolar Express

by (author) Joy S. McDiarmid

Mental Disorder in Canada

An Epidemiological Perspective

by (author) John Cairney & David L. Streiner

Concurrent Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

An Information Guide

by (author) W.J. Wayne Skinner & Caroline P. O'Grady


Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health

by (author) Robin Friedlander

Mental Traps

The Overthinker's Guide to a Happier Life

by (author) Andre Kukla

Contemporary Issues in Mental Health

Concepts, Policy, and Practice

edited by James A. Leclair & Leslie Thomas Foster

Growing Up Resilient

Ways to Build Resilience in Children and Youth

by (author) Tatyana Barankin & Nazilla Khanlou

Narrating Social Order

Agoraphobia and the Politics of Classification

by (author) Shelley Z. Reuter

Mental Health and Canadian Society

Historical Perspectives

by (author) James E. Moran & David Wright

Daggers of the Mind /hc

Psychiatry and the Myth of Mental Disease

by (author) Gordon Warme

Les Jeunes, les drogues et la santé mentale

Ressource pour les professionnels

by (author) Elsbeth Tupker

Quelle approche adopter envers les personnes âgées confrontées à des problèmes de toxicomanie, de santé mentale et de jeu

Guide à l’intention des intervenants et des bénévoles

prepared for publication by Centre For Addiction And Mental Health

Responding to Older Adults with Substance Use, Mental Health and Gambling Challenges

A Guide for Workers and Volunteers

prepared for publication by Centre For Addiction And Mental Health

Justice for Young Offenders

Their Needs, Our Responses

by (author) Mary Vandergoot

Revenge of the Windigo

The Construction of the Mind and Mental Health of North American Aboriginal Peoples

by (author) James Waldram

Youth & Drugs and Mental Health

A Resource for Professionals

by (author) Elsbeth Tupker

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