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Growing Young

How Friendship, Optimism, and Kindness Can Help You Live to 100

by (author) Marta Zaraska

Autism in Lockdown

Expert Tips and Insights on Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

by (author) Temple Grandin, Carol Gray, Tony Atwood, Carol Kranowitz, Beth Aune, Jed Baker, James Ball, Anita Lesko, Sean Barron, Wendela Whitcomb Marsh, Katie Saint, Stephen Sicoli, Karen Simmons, Ronald Caissie, Ellen Notbohm, Sheila Wagner, Raun D. Melmed, Julie Clark, Nancy Kashman, Janet Mora, Paula Aquilla, Melissa Palmer, Diana Friedlander, Cara Koscinski, Hartley Steiner, Roya Ostovar, Krista DiVittore, Joye Newman, Elizabeth King Gerlach, Bobbi Sheahan & Barbara Sher

Let's Talk About Sex

Real Stories from a Therapist's Office

by (author) Ann-Marlene Henning
translated by Jamie McIntosh

Let’s Talk About Sex

Real Stories from a Therapist’s Office

by (author) Ann-Marlene Henning
narrator Jennifer Tiles


Military Veterans, Trauma, and Research-Based Theatre

edited by George Belliveau & Graham W. Lea

Remember, It's Ok: Loss of a Partner

by (author) Marina L. Reed & Marian Boyd

Conscious Grief & Loss Guide

by (author) Lise Leblanc

Remember, It's Ok: Loss of a Parent

by (author) Marina L. Reed & Marian Boyd

Conscious Grief & Loss Guide Workbook

by (author) Lise Leblanc

Remember, It's Ok: Loss for Teens

by (author) Marina L. Reed & Marian Boyd


A Prison Camp Society

by (author) J. Davidson Ketchum
foreword by Robert B. MacLeod

It's Attachment

A New Way of Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships

by (author) Annette Kussin

The Cognitive Neurosciences, sixth edition

edited by David Poeppel, George R. Mangun & Michael S. Gazzaniga

I Overcame My Autism and All I Got Was This Lousy Anxiety Disorder

A Memoir

by (author) Sarah Kurchak


Heartbreak and Hope in Canada's Opioid Crisis

by (author) Benjamin Perrin

Necessary but Not Sufficient

Improving Community Living for Youth after Residential Mental Health Programs

by (author) Gary Cameron, Karen M. Frensch, Trudy Smit Quosai, Mark Pancer & Michele Preyde

Canadian Landmark Cases in Forensic Mental Health

by (author) Graham Glancy & Cheryl Regehr

Attachment Theory

A Guide to Strengthening the Relationships in Your Life

by (author) Thais Gibson

Human Sexuality

A Contemporary Introduction

edited by Caroline F. Pukall

Research Methods in Psychology

From Theory to Practice, Canadian Edition

by (author) Ben Gorvine, Karl Rosengren, Lisa Stein, Kevin Biolsi & Shayna Rusticus

Reverse Depression Naturally

Alternative Treatments for Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Stress

by (author) Michelle Honda
foreword by Sam Graci

Lazarus Heart

Coming Back to Life from PTSD

by (author) O'Sullivan Mary

Borderline Shine

A Memoir

by (author) Connie Greshner
foreword by Theresa Therriault

A User’s Guide to the Human Body

stuff we needed to know but were never told

by (author) Shane Moore

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