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Monuments for Posterity

Self-Commemoration and the Stalinist Culture of Time

by (author) Antony Kalashnikov

Laboratories of Terror

The Final Act of Stalin's Great Purge in Soviet Ukraine

edited by Lynne Viola & Marc-Stephan Junge

Russian Conservatism

by (author) Paul Robinson

Ukraine, the Middle East, and the West

by (author) Thomas M. Prymak

Canada and the Ukrainian Crisis

by (author) Bohdan S. Kordan & Mitchell C.G. Dowie

Communism National and International

Eastern Europe after Stalin

by (author) H. Skilling

American Opinion About Russia 1917-1920

by (author) Leonid I. Strakhovsky

For Want of a Fir Tree

Ukraine Undone

by (author) Frédérick Lavoie

Pluralism by Default

Weak Autocrats and the Rise of Competitive Politics

by (author) Lucan Way

The Soviet Ambassador

The Making of the Radical Behind Perestroika

by (author) Christopher Shulgan

Russia and the North

edited by Elana Wilson Rowe

The New Cold War

Revolutions, Rigged Elections and Pipeline Politics in the Former Soviet Union

by (author) Mark Mackinnon

Double Deception

Stalin, Hitler, and the Invasion of Russia

by (author) James Barros & Richard Gregor

Soviet Military Policy since World War II

by (author) William Lee & Richard F. Staar

Massa's Short History of the Muscovite Wars

translated by G. Edward Orchard

Dostoevsky, Grigor'ev, and Native Soil Conservatism

by (author) Wayne Dowler

Revolutionary Vanguard

The Early Years of the Communist Youth International 1914-1924

by (author) Richard Cornell

Revolution and Survival

The Foreign Policy of Soviet Russia 1917-18

by (author) Richard Debo

The Soviet Theory of Development

India and the Third World in Marxist-Leninist Scholarship

by (author) Stephen Clarkson

Canadian-Soviet Relations between the World Wars

by (author) Aloysius Balawyder

Soviet Agricultural Trade Unions 1917-70

by (author) Peter J. Potichnyj