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Between Good and Evil

The Stolen Girls of Boko Haram

by (author) Mellissa Fung

New Leaders, New Dawns?

South Africa and Zimbabwe under Cyril Ramaphosa and Emmerson Mnangagwa

edited by Chris Brown, David Moore & Blair Rutherford

Commodity Politics

Contesting Responsibility in Cameroon

by (author) Adam Sneyd, Steffi Hamann, Charis Enns & Lauren Q. Sneyd


The Woman Who Inspired an African #MeToo Movement

by (author) Toufah Jallow
with Kim Pittaway

An Ambulance on Safari

The ANC and the Making of a Health Department in Exile

by (author) Melissa Diane Armstrong

Media and Mass Atrocity

The Rwanda Genocide and Beyond

edited by Allan Thompson
foreword by Roméo Roméo


The Political Pattern

edited by Millar MacLure & Douglas Anglin

Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

Tales of International Development

by (author) Jacques Claessens
translated by Nigel Spencer


by (author) Deni Ellis Béchard

Resilience and Contagion

Invoking Human Rights in African HIV Advocacy

by (author) Kristi Heather Kenyon

Collapse of a Country

A Diplomat's Memoir of South Sudan

by (author) Nicholas Coghlan
foreword by Romeo Dallaire & Shelly Whitman

Memoirs of a Muhindi

Fleeing East Africa for the West

by (author) Mansoor Ladha

Welcome to Greater Edendale

Histories of Environment, Health, and Gender in an African City

by (author) Marc Epprecht

Minding the Gap

African Conflict Management in a Time of Change

edited by Pamela Aall & Chester A. Crocker

Canada-Africa Relations

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

edited by Rohinton Medhora & Yiagadeesen Samy

Colonial Extractions

Race and Canadian Mining in Contemporary Africa

by (author) Paula Butler

The Grandmothers' Movement

Solidarity and Survival in the Time of AIDS

by (author) May Chazan

Canada and Africa in the New Millennium

The Politics of Consistent Inconsistency

by (author) David R. Black

Government of Development

Peasants and Politicians in Postcolonial Tanzania

by (author) Leander Schneider

The Independence of South Sudan

The Role of Mass Media in the Responsibility to Prevent

by (author) E. Donald Briggs & Walter C. Soderlund

A Flawed Freedom

Rethinking Southern African Liberation

by (author) John S. Saul

Africa’s Deadliest Conflict

Media Coverage of the Humanitarian Disaster in the Congo and the United Nations Response, 1997–2008

by (author) Blake C. Roberts, E. Donald Briggs, Tom Pierre Najem & Walter C. Soderlund

Cities with Slums

From Informal Settlement Eradication to a Right to the City in Africa

by (author) Marie Huchzermeyer

Decolonization and Empire

Contesting the Rhetoric and Reality of Resubordination in Southern Africa and Beyond

by (author) John Saul

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