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Browse Books in Security (national & International)

Total Defence Forces in the Twenty-First Century

edited by Joakim Berndtsson, Irina Goldenberg & Stefanie von Hlatky

Children, Childhoods, and Global Politics

contributions by Patrícia Nabuco Martuscelli, Caitlin Mollica, Ana Alonso Soriano, Dustin Johnson, Anna Holzscheiter, Laura Pantzerhielm, Jonathan Josefsson, Vanessa Bramwell, Alebachew Kemisso, Jennifer Riggan, Lesley Pruitt, Antje Missbach, Robyn Linde, Sean Carter, Tara Woodyer, Lindsay Robinson, Timea Spitka, Kristina Hook, Iuliia Hoban, Bennett Collins & Ali Watson
edited by J. Marshall Beier & Helen Berents

Intelligence Cooperation under Multipolarity

Non-American Perspectives

edited by Thomas Juneau, Justin Massie & Marco Munier

The Legacy of 9/11

Views from North America

edited by Andrea Charron, Alexander Moens & Stéphane Roussel

Agent of Change

My Life Fighting Terrorists, Spies, and Institutional Racism

by (author) Huda Mukbil


In Perpetuity and Beyond

by (author) Andrea Charron & James Fergusson
foreword by Lori J. Robinson & Pierre J.J. St-Amand

Wilful Blindness

How a Criminal network of narcos, tycoons and Chinese Communist Party agents infiltrated the West

by (author) Sam Cooper
foreword by Charles Burton
introduction by Teng Biao

The Ones We Let Down

Toxic Leadership Culture and Gender Integration in the Canadian Forces

by (author) Charlotte Duval-Lantoine

Women, Peace, and Security

Feminist Perspectives on International Security

edited by Caroline Leprince & Cassandra Steer
preface by Stefanie von Hlatky


Trust and Mistrust in Civil Wars

by (author) Theodore D. McLauchlin

Big Data Surveillance and Security Intelligence

The Canadian Case

edited by David Lyon & David Murakami Wood

National Security Entrepreneurs and the Making of American Foreign Policy

by (author) Vincent Boucher, Charles-Philippe David & Karine Prémont

The Nuclear North

Histories of Canada in the Atomic Age

edited by Susan Colbourn & Timothy Andrews Sayle


Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society

by (author) Ronald J. Deibert

Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism

Assessing Domestic and International Strategies

edited by Stéfanie vonHlatky

Activists and the Surveillance State

Learning from Repression

edited by Aziz Choudry

Atomic Assurance

The Alliance Politics of Nuclear Proliferation

by (author) Alexander Lanoszka


Islamic Fundamentalist Extremism and the War on Terror in Canada

by (author) Daniel Livermore

Sovereignty and Command in Canada–US Continental Air Defence, 1940–57

by (author) Richard Goette

Look Who's Watching, Revised Edition

Surveillance, Treachery and Trust Online

by (author) Fen Osler Hampson & Eric Jardine

Killing Others

A Natural History of Ethnic Violence

by (author) Matthew Lange

Bombs, Bullets, and Politicians

France's Response to Terrorism

by (author) Christophe Chowanietz

East Asia-Arctic Relations

Boundary, Security and International Politics

edited by Kimie Hara & Ken Coates

Look Who's Watching

Surveillance, Treachery and Trust Online

by (author) Fen Osler Hampson & Eric Jardine

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