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Sea Change

Charting a Sustainable Future for Oceans in Canada

edited by Ussif Rashid Sumaila, Derek Armitage, Megan Bailey & William Cheung

Intervention Earth

Life-Saving Ideas from the World's Climate Engineers

by (author) Gwynne Dyer

Ecology for the 99%

Twenty Capitalist Myths Debunked

by (author) Frédéric Legault, Arnaud Theurillat-Cloutier & Alain Savard
illustrated by Clément de Gaulejac
translated by Charles Simard

Protecting the Prairies

Lorne Scott and the Politics of Conservation

by (author) Andrea Olive

Sustainable Energy Transitions in Canada

edited by Mark Winfield, Stephen Hill & James Gaede

Transformative Politics of Nature

Overcoming Barriers to Conservation in Canada

edited by Andrea Olive, Chance Finegan & Karen F. Beazley


The Race to Mine the World's Most Vulnerable Places

by (author) Christopher Pollon

Organizing Nature

Turning Canada's Ecosystems into Resources

by (author) Alice Cohen & Andrew Biro

Fire Weather

The Making of a Beast

by (author) John Vaillant

The Big Exit

The Surprisingly Urgent Challenge of Handling the Remains of a Billion Boomers

by (author) Ian Sutton

Ring of Fire

High-Stakes Mining in a Lowlands Wilderness

by (author) Virginia Heffernan

The End of This World

Climate Justice in So-Called Canada

by (author) Angele Alook, Emily Eaton, David Gray-Donald, Joël Laforest, Crystal Lameman & Bronwen Tucker

Under the Weather

Reimagining Mobility in the Climate Crisis

by (author) Stephanie Sodero

Worlds at Stake

Climate Politics, Ideology, and Justice

by (author) Aaron Saad

The Future Is Now

Solving the Climate Crisis with Today's Technologies

by (author) Bob McDonald

The Petroleum Papers

Inside the Far-Right Conspiracy to Cover Up Climate Change

by (author) Geoff Dembicki

Toxic Immanence

Decolonizing Nuclear Legacies and Futures

edited by Livia Monnet
foreword by Magdalena E. Stawkowski

The Future is Degrowth

A Guide to a World Beyond Capitalism

by (author) Matthias Schmelzer, Andrea Vetter & Aaron Vansintjan

Agricultural Policy, Agribusiness, and Rent-Seeking Behaviour, Third Edition

by (author) Andrew Schmitz, Charles Moss, Troy G. Schmitz, G. Cornelis van Kooten & H. Carole Schmitz

Boots on the Ground

Disaster Response in Canada

by (author) Johanu Botha

Discard Studies

Wasting, Systems, and Power

by (author) Max Liboiron & Josh Lepawsky

How to Be a Climate Optimist

Blueprints for a Better World

by (author) Chris Turner

Natural Resource-Based Development in Africa

Panacea or Pandora's Box?

edited by Nathan Andrews, J. Andrew Grant & Jesse Salah Ovadia


Cradle of the Demon Metals, Birth of a Mining Superpower

by (author) Charlie Angus

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