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The Environmentalist's Dilemma

Promise and Peril in an Age of Climate Crisis

by (author) Arno Kopecky

Hidden Scourge

Exposing the Truth about Fossil Fuel Industry Spills

by (author) Kevin P. Timoney

Gasoline Dreams

Waking Up from Petroculture

by (author) Simon Orpana
foreword by Imre Szeman
afterword by Mark Simpson

Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle

Why Individual Climate Action Matters More than Ever

by (author) Lloyd Alter

Life in the City of Dirty Water

A Memoir of Healing

by (author) Clayton Thomas-Muller

The Resistance Dilemma

Place-Based Movements and the Climate Crisis

by (author) George Hoberg

Understanding Climate Change

Science, Policy, and Practice

by (author) Sarah Burch & Sara Harris

Defending the Arctic Refuge

A Photographer, an Indigenous Nation, and a Fight for Environmental Justice

by (author) Finis Dunaway

Conserving the Oceans

The Politics of Large Marine Protected Areas

by (author) Justin Alger

Canada's Waste Flows

by (author) Myra J. Hird

Fueling Resistance

The Contentious Political Economy of Biofuels and Fracking

by (author) Kate J. Neville

Creating Spaces of Engagement

Policy Justice and the Practical Craft of Deliberative Democracy

edited by Leah R.E. Levac & Sarah Marie Wiebe

The Story of CO2

Big Ideas for a Small Molecule

by (author) Geoffrey Ozin & Mireille Ghoussoub

Paradise Won

The Struggle to Create Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

by (author) Elizabeth May


Environmental Policy in Canada's Petro-Provinces

by (author) Angela V. Carter


How the World's Great Cities Are Fixing the Climate Crisis

by (author) David Miller
foreword by Bill McKibben

Fixing Niagara Falls

Environment, Energy, and Engineers at the World’s Most Famous Waterfall

by (author) Daniel Macfarlane

A Good War

Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency

by (author) Seth Klein

Forgotten Values

The World Bank and Environmental Partnerships

by (author) Teresa Kramarz


Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer's Twenty-Year Battle against DuPont

by (author) Robert Bilott

Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars?

Public Transit in the Age of Google, Uber, and Elon Musk

by (author) James Wilt

Green Meat?

Sustaining Eaters, Animals, and the Planet

edited by Ryan M. Katz-Rosene & Sarah J. Martin

Carbon Blues

Cars, Catastrophes, and the Battle for the Environment

by (author) Mike Mason

Carbon Province, Hydro Province

The Challenge of Canadian Energy and Climate Federalism

by (author) Douglas Macdonald

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