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Shift Change

Scenes from a Post-industrial Revolution

by (author) Stephen Dale

Keeping Canada Running

Infrastructure and the Future of Governance in a Pandemic World

by (author) G. Bruce Doern, Christopher Stoney & Robert Hilton

Becoming Vancouver

A History

by (author) Daniel Francis

Sustainability Matters

Prospects for a Just Transition in Calgary, Canada’s Petro-City

by (author) Noel Keough
with Geoff Ghitter

Feminist City

Claiming Space in a Man-Made World

by (author) Leslie Kern

Quietly Shrinking Cities

Canadian Urban Population Loss in an Age of Growth

by (author) Maxwell Hartt

The Right to an Age-Friendly City

Redistribution, Recognition, and Senior Citizen Rights in Urban Spaces

by (author) Meghan Joy

Toronto's Lost Villages

by (author) Ron Brown

Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars?

Public Transit in the Age of Google, Uber, and Elon Musk

by (author) James Wilt

Installing Automobility

Emerging Politics of Mobility and Streets in Indian Cities

by (author) Govind Gopakumar

Rebuilding Earth

Designing Ecoconscious Habitats for Humans

by (author) Teresa Coady
foreword by Christiana Figueres
afterword by Elizabeth May

Power Play

Professional Hockey and the Politics of Urban Development

by (author) Jay Scherer, David Mills & Linda Sloan McCulloch
foreword by Richard Gruneau

House Divided

How the Missing Middle Will Solve Toronto's Affordability Crisis

edited by Alex Bozikovic, Cheryll Case, John Lorinc & Annabel Vaughan

Shaping the Metropolis

Institutions and Urbanization in the United States and Canada

by (author) Zack Taylor

Massive Suburbanization

(Re)Building the Global Periphery

edited by K. Murat Guney, Roger Keil & Murat Ucoglu

Critical Perspectives on Suburban Infrastructures

Contemporary International Cases

edited by Pierre Filion & Nina M. Pulver

Administrators in Action, Vol. 2

by (author) Gerald Rhodes

The Ombudsman

Citizens Defender

edited by Donald C. Rowat

Massive Suburbanization

(Re)Building the Global Periphery

edited by K. Murat Guney, Roger Keil & Murat Ucoglu

Community Planning

A Casebook on Law and Administration

edited by J.B. Milner

Urban Computing

by (author) Yu Zheng

Condo Conquest

Urban Governance, Law, and Condoization in New York City and Toronto

by (author) Randy K. Lippert

Canadian-American Planning

The Seventh Annual Conference on Canadian-American Relations, 1965

created by University of Windsor

Dreamers and Designers

The Shaping of West Vancouver

by (author) Francis Mansbridge
photographs by John Moir

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