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Tiny Engines of Abundance

A History of Peasant Productivity and Repression

by (author) Jim Handy

Applied Welfare Economics, Trade, and Agricultural Policy Analysis

by (author) G. Cornelis van Kooten

Acquired Tastes

Stories about the Origins of Modern Food

edited by Benjamin R. Cohen, Michael S. Kideckel & Anna Zeide

Take Back the Tray

Revolutionizing Food in Hospitals, Schools, and Other Institutions

by (author) Joshna Maharaj

Grocery Story

The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants

by (author) Jon Steinman

A Matter of Taste

A Farmers' Market Devotee's Semi-Reluctant Argument for Inviting Scientific Innovation to the Dinner Table

by (author) Rebecca Tucker

Farm Workers in Western Canada

Injustices and Activism

edited by Shirley A. McDonald & Bob Barnetson
contributions by Michael J. Broadway, Jill Bucklaschuk, Delna Contractor, Darlene A. Dunlop, Brynna Hambly (Takasugi), Zane Hamm, Paul Kennett, Jennifer Koshan, C.F. Andrew Lau, J. Graham Martinelli, Robin C. McIntyre, Nelson Medeiros, Kerry Preibisch, Heidi Rolfe, Patricia Tomic, Ricardo Trumper & Kay Elizabeth Turner

Conversations in Food Studies

contributions by Colin R. Anderson, Jennifer Brady, Charles Z. Levkoe, Mustafa Koc, Mary A. Beckie, Eva A. Bogdan, Mark Bomford, Jennifer A. Braun, Samara Brock, Robyn Bunn, Kirsten Valentine Cadieux, Chantal Clement, Anais Detolle, Arthur Green, Ankit Gupta, Robert Jennings, Josee Johnson, Huddart Kennedy, Ahmed Khan, Keith Lee, Kristen Lowitt, Wanda Martin, Victoria Millious, Phil Mount, Erika Mundel, Alan Nash, Seriy Polyakov, Keren Rideout, Steffanie Scott, Tammara Soma, Cathryn Sprague, Jennifer Sumner, David Szanto, Lani Trenouth, Penny Van Esterik, Matt Ventresca, Cassie Wever, Carmen Wong & Konstantinos Zougris

Food Confidential

The Corporate Takeover of Food Security and the Family Farm—and What to Do About It

by (author) Nicole Faires

Food Tyrants

Fight for Your Right to Healthy Food in a Toxic World

by (author) Nicole Faires

Secret Ingredients

The Brave New World of Industrial Farming

by (author) Stuart Laidlaw