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Open Federalism Revisited

Regional and Federal Dynamics in the Harper Era

edited by James Farney & Julie M. Simmons

Neoliberal Parliamentarism

The Decline of Parliament at the Ontario Legislature

by (author) Tom McDowell

Newfoundland and Labrador

A Health System Profile

by (author) Stephen Bornstein, John Abbott, Victor Maddalena, Aimee Letto, Melissa Sullivan & Pablo Navarro

Behind Closed Doors

The Law and Politics of Cabinet Secrecy

by (author) Yan Campagnolo

Electing a Mega-Mayor

Toronto 2014

by (author) R. Michael McGregor, Aaron A. Moore & Laura B. Stephenson

Stand on Guard

Reassessing Threats to Canada's National Security

by (author) Stephanie Carvin

The Four Lenses of Population Aging

Planning for the Future in Canada's Provinces

by (author) Patrik Marier

The Behaviorally Informed Organization

edited by Dilip Soman & Catherine Yeung

At the Pleasure of the Crown

The Politics of Bureaucratic Appointments

by (author) Christopher A. Cooper

Big Promises, Small Government

Doing Less with Less in the BC Liberal New Era

by (author) George M. Abbott
foreword by Vaughn Palmer

Taking the Bite Out of Rabies

The Evolution of Rabies Management in Canada

by (author) David John Gregory & Rowland Tinline

Distributed Democracy

Health Care Governance in Ontario

by (author) Carey Doberstein

The Emergence of the Federal Concept in Canada 1839-1845

by (author) William Ormsby

Mental Health in Public Affairs

A Report of the Fifth International Congress on Mental Health 1954 Under the Auspices of the World Federation for Mental Health

by (author) William Line & Margery King

Administrators in Action, Vol. 2

by (author) Gerald Rhodes

Taxation in Canada (3rd edition)

by (author) J. Harvey Perry

The Canadian House of Commons


by (author) Norman Ward

Policy Transformation in Canada

Is the Past Prologue?

edited by Carolyn Tuohy, Sophie Borwein, Peter John Loewen & Andrew Potter

Canadian Public Finance

Explaining Budgetary Institutions and the Budget Process in Canada

by (author) Geneviève Tellier

Province Building and the Federalization of Immigration in Canada

by (author) Mireille Paquet

Bureaucratic Manoeuvres

The Contested Administration of the Unemployed

by (author) John Grundy

The Public Purse

A Study in Canadian Democracy

by (author) Norman Ward

Comparative Federalism

States' Rights and National Power

by (author) Edward McWhinney

Our Living Tradition

Fourth Series

edited by Robert McDougall

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