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Restoring American Democracy

by (author) David Frum

Everything on (the) Line

20 Years of Social Movement Stories from

edited by Sophia Reuss & Christina Turner

Rising Up

The Fight for Living Wage Work in Canada

edited by Bryan Evans, Carlo Fanelli & Tom McDowell


Restoring American Democracy

by (author) David Frum

We Resist

Defending the Common Good in Hostile Times

edited by Cynthia Levine-Rasky & Lisa Kowalchuk

Unearthing Justice

How to Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry

by (author) Joan Kuyek

What's Yours is Mine

Against the Sharing Economy, 2nd Edition

by (author) Tom Slee
narrator Nathalie Toriel

Activists and the Surveillance State

Learning from Repression

edited by Aziz Choudry

Marvellous Grounds

Queer of Colour Formations in Toronto

edited by Jin Haritaworn, Ghaida Moussa & Syrus Ware

Art after Money, Money after Art

Creative Strategies against Financialization

by (author) Max Haiven

Beautiful Rising

Creative Resistance from the Global South

edited by Juman Abujbara, Andrew Boyd, Dave Mitchell & Marcel Taminato

What’s Yours is Mine

Against the Sharing Economy, 2nd Edition

by (author) Tom Slee

A Civil Society?

Collective Actors in Canadian Political Life, Second Edition

by (author) Miriam Smith

The Effective Citizen

How to Make Politicians Work for You

by (author) Graham Steele

Forcing Choice

The Risky Reward of Referendums

by (author) J. Patrick Boyer

Conform, Fail, Repeat

How Power Distorts Collective Action

by (author) Christopher Samuel

Fighting Dirty

How a Small Community Took on Big Trash

by (author) Poh-Gek Forkert

Radical Transformation

Oligarchy, Collapse, and the Crisis of Civilization

by (author) Kevin MacKay

Pacifism as Pathology

Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America

by (author) Ward Churchill & Michael Ryan
preface by Ed Mead

Class Privilege

How Law Shelters Shareholders and Coddles Capitalism

by (author) Harry Glasbeek

Shopping for Change

Consumer Activism and the Possibilities of Purchasing Power

edited by Louis Hyman & Joseph Tohill

A Future Without Hate or Need

The Promise of the Jewish Left in Canada

by (author) Ester Reiter

Civic Media

Technology, Design, Practice

edited by Eric Gordon & Paul Mihailidis

The Changing Nature of Eco/Feminism

Telling Stories from Clayoquot Sound

by (author) Niamh Moore

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