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Pivot or Pirouette?

The 1993 Canadian General Election

by (author) Tom Flanagan
foreword by Gerald Baier & R. Kenneth Carty

A Cooperative Disagreement

Canada-United States Relations and Revolutionary Cuba, 1959–93

by (author) John Dirks

The Future is Degrowth

A Guide to a World Beyond Capitalism

by (author) Matthias Schmelzer, Andrea Vetter & Aaron Vansintjan

Recovering Reputation

Plato and Demotic Power

by (author) Andreas Avgousti

Democracy Here and Now

The Exemplary Case of Spain

by (author) Pablo Ouziel
foreword by James Tully

Harper's World

The Politicization of Canadian Foreign Policy, 2006-2015

edited by Peter McKenna

Smelter Wars

A Rebellious Red Trade Union Fights for Its Life in Wartime Western Canada

by (author) Ron Verzuh


The Power and Problems of a Concept

edited by Andrea Graziosi & Frank E. Sysyn

Canada's Deep Crown

Beyond Elizabeth II, The Crown's Continuing Canadian Complexion

by (author) David Smith, Christopher McCreery & Jonathan Shanks

The West and the Birth of Bangladesh

Foreign Policy in the Face of Mass Atrocity

by (author) Richard Pilkington

The Rowell-Sirois Commission and the Remaking of Canadian Federalism

by (author) Robert Wardhaugh & Barry Ferguson

Activism, Inclusion, and the Challenges of Deliberative Democracy

by (author) Anna Drake

Nothing Absolute

German Idealism and the Question of Political Theology

contributions by Kirill Chepurin, Alex Dubilet, Joseph Albernaz, Daniel C. Barber, Agata Bielik-Robson, S.D. Chrostowska, Saitya Brata Das, Vincent W. Lloyd, Thomas Lynch, James Martel, Steven Shakespeare, Oxana Timofeeva & Daniel Whistler

What Is Democracy and How Do We Study It?

edited by Cameron D. Anderson & Laura Beth Stephenson

Questions of Order

Confederation and the Making of Modern Canada

by (author) Peter Price

Road to Redemption

The Liberal Party of Canada, 2006-2019

by (author) Brooke Jeffrey

A History of Political Thought

Property, Labor, and Commerce from Plato to Piketty

by (author) Jeffrey Bercuson

A History of Political Thought

Property, Labor, and Commerce from Plato to Piketty

by (author) Jefferey Bercuson


Colonialism, Resources, and the Histories We Remember

by (author) Adele Perry

Canadian Foreign Policy

Reflections on a Field in Transition

edited by Brian Bow & Andrea Lane

Canada at War

Conscription, Diplomacy, and Politics

by (author) J.L. Granatstein

Winning and Keeping Power in Canadian Politics

by (author) Jason Roy & Christopher Alcantara

Harnessing Harmony

Music, Power, and Politics in the United States, 1788-1865

by (author) Billy Coleman

Spectres of Fascism

Historical, Theoretical, and International Perspectives

edited by Samir Gandesha

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