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Justice, Rights, and Toleration

Essays for Richard Vernon

edited by Neil Hibbert, Charles Jones & Steven Lecce

The Age of Insecurity

Coming Together as Things Fall Apart

by (author) Astra Taylor

European Union Governance and Policy-Making, Second Edition

A Canadian Perspective

edited by Amy Verdun, Achim Hurrelmann & Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly

Statesmen, Strategists, and Diplomats

Canada’s Prime Ministers and the Making of Foreign Policy

foreword by John R. English
edited by Patrice Dutil

J.B. McLachlan: A Biography, New Edition

The Story of a Legendary Labour Leader and the Cape Breton Coal Miners

by (author) David Frank

Against Inequality

The Practical and Ethical Case for Abolishing the Superrich

by (author) Tom Malleson

Against Inequality

The Practical and Ethical Case for Abolishing the Superrich

by (author) Tom Malleson

People, Politics, and Purpose

Biography and Canadian Political History

edited by Greg Donaghy & P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Pluralist Politics, Relational Worlds

Vulnerability and Care of the Earth

by (author) Didier Zúñiga

A History of Law in Canada, Volume Two

Law for a New Dominion, 1867-1914

by (author) Jim Phillips, Philip Girard & R. Blake Brown

Canadian State Trials, Volume V

World War, Cold War, and Challenges to Sovereignty, 1939-1990

edited by Barry Wright, Susan Binnie & Eric Tucker

From Layton to Singh

The 20-year conflict behind the NDP's deal with the Trudeau Liberals

by (author) Matt Fodor

Has Populism Won?

The War on Liberal Democracy

by (author) Daniel Drache & Marc D. Froese

Pivot or Pirouette?

The 1993 Canadian General Election

by (author) Tom Flanagan
foreword by Gerald Baier & R. Kenneth Carty

The Living from the Dead

Disaffirming Biopolitics

by (author) Stuart J. Murray

A Social History of Western Political Thought

by (author) Ellen Meiksins Wood

A Cooperative Disagreement

Canada-United States Relations and Revolutionary Cuba, 1959–93

by (author) John Dirks

The State in Transition

Challenges for Canadian Federalism

edited by Michael Behiels
contributions by François Rocher, Robert Talbot, Thomas O. Hueglin, Jeremy A. Clarke, Daniel Bourgeois, Patrick Fafard, Andrew Bourns, Peter Graefe, Raffaele Iacovino, Geneviève Nootens, Geoffrey Hale, France Morrissette & Brooke Jeffrey

The Future is Degrowth

A Guide to a World Beyond Capitalism

by (author) Matthias Schmelzer, Andrea Vetter & Aaron Vansintjan

Recovering Reputation

Plato and Demotic Power

by (author) Andreas Avgousti

The Political Logic of Experience

Expression in Phenomenology

by (author) Neal DeRoo

Corporate Rules: The Real World of Business Regulation in Canada

How government regulators are failing the public interest

by (author) Bruce Campbell

Democracy Here and Now

The Exemplary Case of Spain

by (author) Pablo Ouziel
foreword by James Tully

Harper's World

The Politicization of Canadian Foreign Policy, 2006-2015

edited by Peter McKenna

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