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American Opinion About Russia 1917-1920

by (author) Leonid I. Strakhovsky

Canada Decentralized

Can our nation survive?

edited by Michael B. Davie

Dynasties and Interludes

Past and Present in Canadian Electoral Politics

by (author) Lawrence LeDuc & Jon H. Pammett
with André Turcotte

Mayors Gone Bad

by (author) Philip Slayton

Understanding American Politics, Second Edition

by (author) Stephen Brooks, Douglas Koopman & J. Matthew Wilson

Fight the Right

A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse

by (author) Warren Kinsella

Canada: The State of the Federation, 2008

Open Federalism and the Spending Power

by (author) Thomas J. Courchene, John Allan & Hoi Kong

How Canadians Communicate IV

Media and Politics

edited by David Taras & Christopher Waddell

The Federal Idea

Essays in Honour of Ronald L. Watts

by (author) Thomas J. Courchene, John Allan, Christian Leuprecht & Nadia Verrelli

Passing the Buck

Federalism and Canadian Environmental Policy

by (author) Kathryn Harrison

Getting Back in the Game

A Foreign Policy Handbook for Canada

by (author) Paul Heinbecker

Grassroots Liberals

Organizing for Local and National Politics

by (author) Royce Koop

Unsettled Legitimacy

Political Community, Power, and Authority in a Global Era

edited by Steven Bernstein & William D. Coleman

Losing Control

Canada’s Social Conservatives in the Age of Rights

by (author) Tom Warner

Unfulfilled Union, 5th Edition

Canadian Federalism and National Unity

by (author) Garth Stevenson

Unfulfilled Union

Canadian Federalism and National Unity, Fifth Edition

by (author) Garth Stevenson

Open and Shut

Why America Has Barack Obama, and Canada Has Stephen Harper

by (author) John Ibbitson

Understanding American Politics

by (author) Stephen Brooks

The Invincible Quest

The Life of Richard Milhous Nixon

by (author) Conrad Black

Constructing Tomorrow's Federalism

New Perspectives on Canadian Governance

edited by Ian Peach
foreword by Roy Romanow

Inside Gomery

by (author) Francois Perreault
introduction by John Gomery

How Ottawa Spends, 2005-2006

Managing the Minority

by (author) G. Bruce Doern

Guide des pays fédéraux, 2005

by (author) Ann Griffiths

Handbook of Federal Countries, 2005

by (author) Ann Griffiths

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