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Browse Books in Comparative Politics

A Cooperative Disagreement

Canada-United States Relations and Revolutionary Cuba, 1959–93

by (author) John Dirks

Empire and Communications

by (author) Harold A. Innis
introduction by William J. Buxton

Jobs with Inequality

Financialization, Post-Democracy, and Labour Market Deregulation in Canada

by (author) John Peters

Judicializing Everything?

The Clash of Constitutionalisms in Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

by (author) Mark S. Harding

The Politics of the Asia-Pacific

Triumphs, Challenges, and Threats

edited by Mark S. Williams

The Symbolic State

Minority Recognition, Majority Backlash, and Secession in Multinational Countries

by (author) Karlo Basta

Poverty and Austerity amid Prosperity

A Comparative Introduction

by (author) Gregg M. Olsen

Constitutional Politics in Multinational Democracies

edited by André Lecours, Nikola Brassard-Dion & Guy Laforest

The Four Lenses of Population Aging

Planning for the Future in Canada's Provinces

by (author) Patrik Marier

The Democracy Cookbook

Recipes to Renew Governance in Newfoundland and Labrador

edited by Alex Marland & Lisa Moore

Inalienable Properties

The Political Economy of Indigenous Land Reform

by (author) Jamie Baxter

Wrestling with Zionism

Jewish Voices of Dissent

by (author) Daphna Levit

Frenemy Nations

Love and Hate between Neighbo(u)ring States

by (author) Mary Soderstrom

Cabinets, Ministers, and Gender

by (author) Claire Annesley, Karen Beckwith & Susan Franceschet

Duty and Choice

The Evolution of the Study of Voting and Voters

edited by Peter John Loewen & Daniel Rubenson

Dealing with Peace

The Guatemalan Campesino Movement and the Post-Conflict Neoliberal State

by (author) Simon Granovsky-Larsen

The Ombudsman

Citizens Defender

edited by Donald C. Rowat

Immigration and the Politics of Welfare Exclusion

Selective Solidarity in Western Democracies

by (author) Edward A. Koning

Immigration and the Politics of Welfare Exclusion

Selective Solidarity in Western Democracies

by (author) Edward A. Koning

Public Security in Federal Polities

edited by Christian Leuprecht, Mario Kölling & Todd Hataley

No Dogs in China

A Report on China Today

by (author) William Kinmond

The Government of Nova Scotia

by (author) James Murray Beck

Democratic Government and Politics

Third Revised Edition

by (author) James Corry & John Hodgetts

Economic Growth in Canada

A Quantitative Analysis

by (author) N. Lithwick

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