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China Unbound

A New World Disorder

by (author) Joanna Chiu

Everything on (the) Line

20 Years of Social Movement Stories from

edited by Sophia Reuss & Christina Turner

The World After COVID

The Munk Dialogues on a Pandemic

edited by Rudyard Griffiths

Les Cahiers du Journalisme, V.2, NO5

editor-in-chief Bertrand Labasse
managing editor Pierre Savary
editorial board member Gloria Awad, Marc-­Francois Bernier, Bertrand Cabedoche, Marie-­Ève Carignan, Christophe Deleu, Patrick Eveno, Nicolas Kaciaf, Marie-­Christine Lipani, Marc Lits, Marie-­Linda Lord, Arnaud Mercier & Thierry Watine

China and the West

The Munk Debates

contributions by H.R. McMaster, Michael Pillsbury, Kishore Mahbubani & Huiyao Wang
edited by Rudyard Griffiths

A Short History of Progress

Fifteenth Anniversary Edition

by (author) Ronald Wright

Les Cahiers du Journalisme, V.2, NO3

La santé mentale dans les médias

edited by Bertrand Labasse, Pierre Savary & Thierry Watine

The Rise of Populism

The Munk Debates

by (author) Stephen K. Bannon & David Frum
edited by Rudyard Griffiths

America the Fair

Using Brain Science to Create a More Just Nation

by (author) Dan Meegan

The People's Republic of Walmart

How the World's Biggest Corporations are Laying the Foundation for Socialism

by (author) Leigh Phillips & Michal Rozworski

American Opinion About Russia 1917-1920

by (author) Leonid I. Strakhovsky

Les Cahiers du Journalisme, V.2, NO2

L'actualité culturelle

edited by Bertrand Labasse, Pierre Savary & Thierry Watine

The Changing Conditions of Politics

by (author) James Corry

Battle Royal

Monarchists vs. Republicans and the Crown of Canada

by (author) David Johnson

Trudeau’s Tango

Alberta Meets Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 1968–1972

by (author) Darryl Raymaker

Sir John's Echo

The Voice for a Stronger Canada

by (author) John Boyko

Democracy Rising

Politics and Participation in Canada

by (author) Bill Freeman
foreword by Adam Vaughan

The Age of Diversity

The New Cultural Map

by (author) Jean-Louis Roy
translated by Leonard Rosmarin

Charlie Foxtrot

Fixing Defence Procurement in Canada

by (author) Kim Richard Nossal
foreword by Ferry de Kerckhove

Notley Nation

How Alberta's Political Upheaval Swept the Country

by (author) Sydney Sharpe & Don Braid

The Capacity To Judge

Public Opinion and Deliberative Democracy in Upper Canada,1791-1854

by (author) Jeffrey McNairn

Drawing Conclusions

The Political Art of Michael de Adder

by (author) Virgil Hammock
by (artist) Michael De Adder

Dream Factories

Why Universities Won't Solve the Youth Jobs Crisis

by (author) Ken S. Coates & Bill Morrison

Turmoil, as Usual

Politics in Newfoundland and Labrador, and the road to the 2015 election

by (author) James McLeod

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