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Borders and Migration

The Canadian Experience in Comparative Perspective

contributions by Asad G. Kiyani, Birte Wassenberg, Can E. Mutlu, Claude Beaupré, Donald Galloway, Edward Boyle, Franziska Fischer, Naomi Chi, Sabine Lehr, Scott D. Watson, Solomon Wong, Victoria Simmons & Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly
series edited by Geneviève Tellier
edited by Michael J. Carpenter, Melissa Kelly & Oliver Schmidtke

La ville inclusive

Dans les pas de Caroline Andrew

edited by Anne Gilbert & Guy Chiasson
series edited by Geneviève Tellier

Civilizing the State

Reclaiming Politics for the Common Good

by (author) John Restakis

The Sea Is Rising and So Are We

A Climate Justice Handbook

by (author) Cynthia Kaufman
foreword by Bill McKibben

Transforming the World, Transforming Ourselves

An Open Conspiracy for Social Change

by (author) Brian Murphy
introduction by David Austin

Revolutionary Routines

The Habits of Social Transformation

by (author) Carolyn Pedwell

Be a Voter!

450 Stickers for Democracy

by (author) Workman Publishing
illustrated by Justin Shiels, Laci Jordan, Andy Passchier, Carolyn Suzuki & Salini Perera

Restoring Democracy in an Age of Populists and Pestilence

by (author) Jonathan Manthorpe

Beyond Civility

The Competing Obligations of Citizenship

by (author) William Keith & Robert Danisch


A Songwriter's Story of Hope, Change, and Courage

read by Tori Amos

Do Something!

365 Ways You Can Strengthen Canada

by (author) Preston Manning


Islamophobia in the True North

by (author) Graeme Truelove
foreword by Ihsaan Gardee

Political Ideology in Parties, Policy, and Civil Society

Interdisciplinary Insights

edited by David Laycock

La Constitution canadienne

by (author) Yan Campagnolo & Adam Dodek

I'm Right and You're an Idiot - 2nd Edition

The Toxic State of Public Discourse and How to Clean it Up

by (author) James Hoggan
with Grania Litwin


Rebuilding Democracy from the Ground Up

by (author) Dave Meslin

My Nova Scotia Home

Nova Scotia's best writers riff on the place they call home

edited by Vernon Oickle

Too Dumb for Democracy?

Why we make bad political decisions and how we can make better ones

by (author) David Moscrop

Islam in the West

Beyond Integration

by (author) Zijad Delic

Islam in the West

Beyond Integration

by (author) Zijad Delic

Daring to Dream

A Handbook for Hope in the Time of Trump

by (author) Angelo Bolotta

Battle Royal

Monarchists vs. Republicans and the Crown of Canada

by (author) David Johnson

Democracy Rising

Politics and Participation in Canada

by (author) Bill Freeman
foreword by Adam Vaughan

The Unbroken Machine

Canada's Democracy in Action

by (author) Dale Smith

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