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Out of the Fire

Metalworkers along the Salish Sea

by (author) Pirjo Raits
by (photographer) Dale Roth & Michele Ramberg

Frank Gehry: The Masterpieces

by (author) Jean-Louis Cohen
with Cahiers d'Art

Linteaux de Paris

photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
text by Peter Edwards

Lintels of Paris

photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
text by Peter Edwards


Designing a Home for Escape and Adventure

by (author) Emma Reddington
photographs by Sian Richards

Things Come Apart

A Teardown Manual for Modern Living

by (author) Todd Mclellan

Ned Pratt

One Wave

by (author) Mireille Eagan, Sarah Fillmore, Ray Cronin & Jonathan Shaughnessy

The Lost City

Ian MacEachern's Photographs of Saint John

by (author) John Leroux


photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
text by John Leroux
introduction by Hugh French

Tantramar Revisited, Revisited

photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
text by Tom Smart

The Library Book

photographs by Thomas R. Schiff
text by Alberto Manguel

Boldt Castle

by (photographer) George Fischer
by (author) Anthony Molica Jr.

Peter MacCallum

Documentary Projects 2005-2015

by (author) Peter MacCallum


edited by Bob Wilcox
foreword by Jerome Markson

Frontier Town: Bear River, Nova Scotia

A Snapshot in Time

by (author) Mike Parker

Early Architecture of the Town & Township of Niagara

Introductions by Viscount Linley, Peter Stokes and Julian Smith

by (author) The Niagara Foundation
introduction by Linley, Julian Smith & Peter Strokes

Vittoria Colonna

Selections from the Rime Spirituali with Photographs of Josep Maria Subirachs? Passion Façade

by (author) Jan Zwicky
by (photographer) Robert Moody

Ice Storm, Ontario 2013

The Beauty, the Devastation, the Aftermath

by (photographer) The Toronto Star
introduction by Michael Cooke

Houses of Worship

by (author) Mark Schacter

Selwyn Pullan

Photographing Mid-Century West Coast Modernism

by (author) Kiriko Watanabe, Adele Weder, Donald Luxton & Barry Downs

Boldt Castle

The Story of an Unfinished Dream

by (photographer) George Fischer
by (author) Anthony Mollica Jr.

Buildings of Old Lunenburg

by (author) Terry James
with Bill Plaskett

New Brunswick's Covered Bridges

by (author) Brian Atkinson

Tropical Homes of the Eastern Caribbean

by (photographer) Derek Galon
by (author) Margaret Gajek

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