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A History in Pictures

by (author) Belinda Crowson, Bobbie Fox, Lorien Johansen & Geroge Kuhl

Lost Kootenays

by (author) Greg Nesteroff & Eric Brighton

A Love Letter to Africville

by (author) Amanda Carvery-Taylor


Passing the Torch of Holocaust Memory to New Generations

by (author) Eli Rubenstein
with The March of the Living

Mean Streets

In Search of Forgotten Halifax, 1953-1967

by (author) Steven Laffoley

NL Snowmageddon 2020

by (author) Nick Cranford

Historic P.E.I

Vintage Postcards of Prince Edward Island

by (author) Ed McKenna

Historic PEI : Vintage Postcards of Prince Edward Island

Vintage Postcards of Prince Edward Island

by (author) Ed McKenna

Projecting Citizenship

Photography and Belonging in the British Empire

by (author) Gabrielle Moser

Album Rock

Looking back through the lens of Paul-Émile Miot

by (author) Matthew Hollett

Open Aperture

The Evolution of Photography in an Abstract World

by (author) Paul Matte

Searching for Mary Schäffer

Women Wilderness Photography

by (author) Colleen Skidmore

The Public Life of Photographs

edited by Thierry Gervais

Picturing Toronto

Photography and the Making of a Modern City

by (author) Sarah Bassnett

Live Souls

Citizens and Volunteers of Civil War Spain

by (author) Serge Alternes & Alec Wainman

War Through the Lens

The Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit 1941-1945

by (author) Dan Conlin

Seize the Time

Vancouver Photographed, 1967-1974

photographs by Vladimir Keremidschieff

Rails Across the Rock

A Then and Now Celebration of the Newfoundland Railway

by (author) Kenneth Pieroway

Portraiture and Photography in Africa

edited by John Peffer & Elisabeth L. Cameron
contributions by Raoul Birnbaum, Jürg Schneider, Erin Haney, Erika Nimis, Z.S. Strother, Christraud M. Geary, Isolde Brielmaer, Liam Buckley, Jean Borgatti, Rowland O. Abiodun, Candace M. Keller & Till Förster

Disappearance of Darkness

Photography at the End of the Analog Era

by (photographer) Robert Burley

Northern Exposures

Photographing and Filming the Canadian North, 1920-45

by (author) Peter Geller

Logging in New Brunswick, Lumber, Mills & River Drives

by (author) Dan Soucoup

The Cultural Work of Photography in Canada

by (author) Carol Payne & Andrea Kunard

Return to Northern British Columbia

A Photojournal of Frank Swanell, 1929-39

by (author) Jay Sherwood

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