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Readings in Ethics

Moral Wisdom Past and Present

edited by Louis F. Groarke, Paul V. Groarke & Paolo C. Biondi

The Machinery of Government

Public Administration and the Liberal State

by (author) Joseph Heath

Restoring Democracy in an Age of Populists and Pestilence

by (author) Jonathan Manthorpe

Beyond Civility

The Competing Obligations of Citizenship

by (author) William Keith & Robert Danisch

Distributed Democracy

Health Care Governance in Ontario

by (author) Carey Doberstein

Might Nature be Canadian?

Essays on Mutual Accommodation

by (author) William A. Macdonald

Empire's Legacy

Roots of a Far-Right Affinity in Contemporary France

by (author) John W.P. Veugelers

Canadian Law and Indigenous Self-Determination

A Naturalist Analysis

by (author) Gordon Christie

Canadian Law and Indigenous Self‐Determination

A Naturalist Analysis

by (author) Gordon Christie

Critical Theory, Democracy, and the Challenge of Neoliberalism

by (author) Brian Caterino & Phillip Hansen

The Broadview Introduction to Philosophy Volume II: Values and Society

edited by Andrew Bailey

Violence and Nonviolence

Conceptual Excursions into Phantom Opposites

by (author) Peyman Vahabzadeh

The Improvement of Mankind

The Social and Political Thought of John Stuart Mill

by (author) John Robson

Right and Wrong in Foreign Policy

by (author) James Eayrs

Democratic Government and Politics

Third Revised Edition

by (author) James Corry & John Hodgetts


The Politics of the Extreme Centre

by (author) Alain Deneault
translated by Catherine Browne

Emancipatory Thinking

Simone de Beauvoir and Contemporary Political Thought

by (author) Elaine Stavro

Canadian Cases in the Philosophy of Law - Fifth Edition

edited by Keith C. Culver, Michael Giudice & J.E. Bickenbach

The Broadview Anthology of Social and Political Thought: From Machiavelli to Nietzsche

edited by Andrew Bailey, Samantha Brennan, Will Kymlicka, Jacob T. Levy, Alex Sager & Clark Wolf

Experimental Politics

Work, Welfare, and Creativity in the Neoliberal Age

by (author) Maurizio Lazzarato
translated by Arianna Bove, Jeremy Gilbert, Andrew Goffey & Mark Hayward

On Forgiveness and Revenge

Lessons from an Iranian Prison

by (author) Ramin Jahanbegloo

Conform, Fail, Repeat

How Power Distorts Collective Action

by (author) Christopher Samuel

The Culturalist Challenge to Liberal Republicanism

by (author) Michael Lusztig

Therefore Choose Life

The Found Massey Lectures

by (author) George Wald
introduction by Lewis Auerbach
foreword by Elijah Wald

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