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Interest Prepack 12-Copy

by (author) Heather Dunphy, Ian Whitelaw, Julie Whittaker & Thomas Craughwell

This Book Will Not Save Your Life

A Chef's Take on Healthy Home Cooking for Your Favorite Pooch

by (author) Jess Young

The Line

A Story of a Hunter, a Breed and Their Bond

by (author) William A. Urseth

To the Dogs

by (author) Peter Culley

Dog Trivia

Humorous, Heartwarming and Amazing

by (author) Wendy Pirk

Amazing Dogs

Stories of Brilliance, Loyalty, Courage & Extraordinary Feats

by (author) Lisa Wojna

Dog and I

Confessions Of A Best Friend

by (author) Roy MacGregor

Let The Dog Decide

by (author) Dale Stavroff

Pyrenean Partners

Herding and Guarding Dogs in the French Pyrenees

by (author) Bryan D. Cummins
by (photographer) Patricia Lore


It's the Pits

by (author) Paul 107

8 Weeks to a Healthy Dog

An Easy-to-Follow Program for the Life of Your Dog

by (author) Shawn Messonnier

Colonel Richardson’s Airedales

The Making of the British War Dog School, 1900-1918

by (author) Bryan D. Cummins

Better Food For Dogs

A Complete Cookbook and Nutrition Guide

by (author) David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton & Grant Nixon

First Nations, First Dogs

Canadian Aboriginal Ethnocynology

by (author) Bryan D. Cummins

Dogs: The Ultimate Care Guide

Good Health, Loving Care, Maximum Longevity

edited by Matthew Hoffman

My Life With Dogs

by (author) Gayle Bunney

Ascent of Dog

Working Dogs in the West

by (author) Wendy Bush

Cowboys and Dog Tales

by (author) Tim O'Byrne

Dog For Life

by (author) N. Glenn Perrett

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