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Paths of Pollen

by (author) Stephen Humphrey

Medicinal Perennials to Know and Grow

by (author) Dan Jason & Rupert Adams
illustrated by Lyn Alice

Wild Harvest

Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Terry Domico

Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta, Second Edition

edited by Gina Fryer, Jane Lancaster, Kimberly Ottenbreit, Christina Metke, Donna Cherniawsky, Amy Griffiths, Kristen Foreman & Jenalee Mischkolz

Invasive Flora of the West Coast

British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Collin Varner

Ontario Trees

A visual guide to the most important species

by (author) Jeffrey C. Domm

Field Study

Meditations on a Year at the Herbarium

by (author) Helen Humphreys

Plants of Northern British Columbia

by (author) Andy MacKinnon
edited by Jim Pojar & Ray Coupe

Plants of Alberta

Trees, Shrubs, Wildflowers, Ferns, Aquatic Plants & Grasses

by (author) France Royer & Richard Dickinson

Alpine Plants of British Columbia, Alberta and Northwest North America

by (author) Andy MacKinnon & Jim Pojar

Plants of Southern Ontario

by (author) Richard Dickinson & France Royer

Plants of Haida Gwaii

Third Edition

by (author) Nancy J. Turner

East Coast Backyard Nature Guide

A visual guide to the most common birds, butterflies, insects, mammals, amphibians, wildflowers, trees and mushrooms

by (artist) Jeffrey C. Domm

British Columbia Nature Guide

by (author) Erin McCloskey & Gregory Kennedy

Alberta Nature Guide

by (author) Krista Kagume & Gregory Kennedy

Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest (ebook)

Health Benefits and Other Therapeutic Uses

by (author) Svetlana Poltavets & Eugene Poltavets

Plants of the Western Forest

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Boreal and Aspen Parkland

by (author) Derek Johnson, Linda Kershaw & Andy MacKinnon

Edible and Medicinal Flora of the West Coast

British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Collin Varner

Intertwined Histories

Plants in Their Social Contexts

edited by Jim Ellis

East Coast Nature

A visual guide to the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects, wildflowers, mushrooms and trees of the Maritime Provinces

by (author) Jeffrey C. Domm

The Evolution of Canada's Flora

edited by Roy L. Taylor & R.W. Ludwig

Common Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

British Columbia, Washington and Oregon

by (author) J. Duane Sept

Guide to Northwestern Wild Berries

by (author) Ted Underhill

Guide to Collecting Wild Herbs

by (author) Julie Gomez

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