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Crossing the Divide

Discovering a Wilderness Ethic in Canada's Northern Rockies

by (author) Wayne Sawchuk


The Long Run of the Wild River

by (author) Philip Lee

How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change

Turning Angst into Action

by (author) Harriet Shugarman

Taking a Break from Saving the World

A Conservation Activist’s Journey from Burnout to Balance

by (author) Stephen Legault

Nature's Broken Clocks

Reimagining Time in the Face of the Environmental Crisis

by (author) Paul Huebener

Talking with Bears

Conversations with Charlie Russell

by (author) G.A. Bradshaw

Eat Like a Fish

My Adventures Farming the Ocean to Fight Climate Change

by (author) Bren Smith

Carbon Province, Hydro Province

The Challenge of Canadian Energy and Climate Federalism

by (author) Douglas Macdonald


The Illustrated Guide to Their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation

by (author) Kent A. Vliet
photographs by Wayne Lynch

The Imperilled Ocean

Human Stories from a Changing Sea

by (author) Laura Trethewey

Saving Seeds

A Home Gardener’s Guide to Preserving Plant Biodiversity

by (author) Dan Jason

The Wonder of Water

Lived Experience, Policy, and Practice

edited by Ingrid Leman Stefanovic

Energy Culture

Art and Theory on Oil and Beyond

edited by Imre Szeman & Jeff Diamanti


What you can do to reduce climate change - simple actions that make a difference

by (author) Seth Wynes

Rising Tides

Reflections for Climate Changing Times

edited by Cate Sandilands

Changing Tides

An Ecologist's Journey to Make Peace with the Anthropocene

by (author) Alejandro Frid

The Culture of Nature

North American Landscape from Disney to Exxon Valdez

by (author) Alexander Wilson

Lost Feast

Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food

by (author) Lenore Newman


From Microorganisms to Megacities

by (author) Vaclav Smil

Passion and Persistence

Fifty Years of the Sierra Club in British Columbia, 1969–2019

by (author) Diane Pinch

Unearthing Justice

How to Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry

by (author) Joan Kuyek

The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

edited by Shane P. Mahoney & Valerius Geist

Whose Water Is It, Anyway?

Taking Water Protection into Public Hands

by (author) Maude Barlow

Ecological Footprint

Managing Our Biocapacity Budget

by (author) Mathis Wackernagel & Bert Beyers
translated by Katharina Rout

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