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A River Captured

The Columbia River Treaty and Catastrophic Change - Revised and Updated

by (author) Eileen Delehanty Pearkes

Waterfalls of Nova Scotia

A Guide

by (author) Benoit Lalonde

The New Beachcomber’s Guide to the Pacific Northwest

Second Revised Edition

by (author) J. Duane Sept

Observing Nature by Canoe and Kayak

by (author) Michael Runtz

What Bears Teach Us

by (author) Sarah Elmeligi
by (photographer) John E. Marriott

Wildlife of the Arctic for Kids

by (author) Wayne Lynch

Foraging as a Way of Life

A Year-Round Field Guide to Wild Plants

by (author) Mikaela Cannon
foreword by Nancy J. Turner

Sea Change

Charting a Sustainable Future for Oceans in Canada

edited by Ussif Rashid Sumaila, Derek Armitage, Megan Bailey & William Cheung

Medicine Wheel for the Planet

A Journey toward Personal and Ecological Healing

by (author) Jennifer Grenz

Rivers in Rock

Elora Gorge Field Companion and Natural History

by (author) Kenneth Hewitt

Reimagining Fire: The Future of Energy

edited by Eveline Kolijn
by (author) Rosemary Griebel, Emma Gammons & Maggie Hanna
foreword by Chris Turner

Grizzly Bear Science and the Art of a Wilderness Life

Forty Years of Research in the Flathead Valley

by (author) Bruce McLellan

Our Ancient Lakes

A Natural History

by (author) Jeffrey McKinnon

Paths of Pollen

by (author) Stephen Humphrey

River Notes

Drought and the Twilight of the American West — A Natural and Human History of the Colorado

by (author) Wade Davis

"The Caribou Taste Different Now"

Inuit Elders Observe Climate Change

edited by José Gerin-Lajoie, Alain Cuerrier & Laura Siegwart Collier

Wildlife of the North

Animals of the High Latitudes of North America and Europe

by (author) Hälle Flygare, Valerius Geist, Geoffrey Holroyd & Wayne Lynch

Bay of Fundy's Hopewell Rocks

by (author) Kevin Snair

Kings of Their Own Ocean

Tuna, Obsession, and the Future of Our Seas

by (author) Karen Pinchin

The Deepest Map

The High-Stakes Race to Chart the World's Oceans

by (author) Laura Trethewey

The Coastal Forager's Pocket Guide

by (author) Robin Kort

Message in a Bottle

Ocean Dispatches from a Seabird Biologist

by (author) Holly Hogan

Protecting the Coast and Ocean

A Guide to Marine Conservation Law in British Columbia

by (author) Stephanie Hewson, Linda Nowlan, Georgia Lloyd-Smith, Deborah Carlson & Michael Bissonnette

The Weekender Effect II


by (author) Robert William Sandford

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