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Manitoba Birds

by (author) Andy Bezener & Ken De Smet
illustrated by Gary Ross

Flight from Grace

A Cultural History of Humans and Birds

by (author) Richard Pope

Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder

A Memoir

by (author) Julia Zarankin

Birds of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

by (author) Peter Davidson

Birds of Michigan

by (author) Ted Black & Gregory Kennedy
illustrated by Ted Nordhagen

Birds of Northern California

by (author) David Fix & Andy Bezener
illustrated by Gary Ross

Pocket Birds of Canada 2nd Edition

edited by David Bird
by (author) DK

Birds of Alberta

by (author) Chris Fisher & John Acorn
illustrated by Gary Ross

The Flying Zoo

Birds, Parasites, and the World They Share

by (author) Michael Stock

Effin' Birds

A Field Guide to Identification

by (author) Aaron Reynolds

Feed the Birds

Attract and Identify 196 Common North American Birds

by (author) Chris Earley

East Coast Seabirds

A visual guide to the Sea and Shore Birds of the Maritime Provinces

by (author) Jeffrey C. Domm

Birds of Eastern Canada 2nd Edition

by (author) DK
edited by David Bird

Birds of Western Canada 2nd Edition

by (author) DK
edited by David Bird

Papa Goose

One Year, Seven Goslings, and the Flight of My Life

by (author) Michael Quetting
foreword by Stacey O'Brien

Antpittas and Gnateaters

by (author) Harold Greeney
illustrated by David Beadle


by (artist) Robert Bateman
by (author) Kathryn Dean
foreword by Peter Mathiessen


by (author) Ronald Orenstein
photographs by Michael Fogden & Patricia Fogden

Tuco and the Scattershot World

A Life with Birds

by (author) Brian Brett

Bird Brains

The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays

by (author) Candace Savage

The Cooper's Hawk

a breeding natural history of the winged huntsman

by (author) Robert Rosenfield

Solid Space

Invisible Killer- saving birds from windows

by (author) Daniel Klem Jr

Best Places to Bird in the Prairies

by (author) John Acorn, Alan Smith & Nicola Koper
foreword by Candace Savage


a history

edited by Ingvar Svanberg & Daniel Moller

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