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Paradigms Lost, Paradigms Found

Lessons Learned in the Fight Against the Stigma of Mental Illness

by (author) Heather Stuart & Norman Sartorius

Textbook of Antisocial Personality Disorder

by (author) Donald W. Black
edited by Nathan J. Kolla

Indigenous Knowledge and Mental Health

A Global Perspective

by (author) David Danto
edited by Masood Zangeneh

The Stigma of Mental Illness

Models and Methods of Stigma Reduction

by (author) Keith Dobson & Heather Stuart

Managing Uncertainty in Mental Health Care

by (author) Patricia Rockman & Jose Silveira


Clinical and Neuroscientific Perspectives from Neurology and Psychiatry

by (author) Andre Aleman & Krista Lanctot

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Adolescents With Severe Personality Disorders

by (author) Lina Normandin, Karin Ensink, Alan Weiner & Otto F. Kernberg

Defining Mental Disorder

Jerome Wakefield and His Critics

edited by Luc Faucher & Denis Forest

Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

A Clinician's Guide

by (author) Mansfield Mela

Infanticide and Filicide

Foundations in Maternal Mental Health Forensics

by (author) Gina Wong
edited by George Parnham

Textbook of Addiction Treatment

International Perspectives

by (author) Nady el-Guebaly
edited by Giuseppe Carr, Marc Galanter & Alexander M. Baldacchino

Still Crying for Help

Chronicle of a Therapeutic Failure Foretold

by (author) Sadia Messaili
translated by Aleshia Jensen

Overdiagnosis in Psychiatry

How Modern Psychiatry Lost Its Way While Creating a Diagnosis for Almost All of Life's Misfortunes

by (author) Joel Paris

The Paraphilias

Changing Suits in the Evolution of Sexual Interest Paradigms

by (author) J. Paul Fedoroff

Neuroprogression in Psychiatry

edited by Flavio Kapczinski, Michael Berk & Pedro Vieira da Silva Magalhaes

Psychiatric Neuroethics

Studies in Research and Practice

by (author) Walter Glannon

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

An e-Mental Health Approach to Depression and Anxiety

by (author) Nazanin Alavi & Mohsen Omrani

The Organic Psychoses

A Guide to Diagnosis

by (author) John Dewan & William Spaulding

A Clinician's Guide to Suicide Risk Assessment and Management

by (author) Joseph Sadek

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination Review

by (author) Mubashar Hussain Sherazi
edited by Elijah Dixon

Neuropsychodynamic Psychiatry

by (author) Heinz Boeker
edited by Peter Hartwich & Georg Northoff

Clinician's Guide to ADHD Comorbidities in Children and Adolescents

Case Studies

by (author) Joseph Sadek

The Madness of Fear

A History of Catatonia

by (author) Edward Shorter & Max Fink

Complex Clinical Conundrums in Psychiatry

From Theory to Clinical Management

by (author) Kuppuswami Shivakumar
edited by Shabbir Amanullah

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