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Law Enforcement and Public Health

Partners for Community Safety and Wellbeing

by (author) Isabelle Bartkowiak-Th
edited by James Clover, Denise Martin, Richard F. Southby & Nick Crofts

Men's Issues and Men's Mental Health

An Introductory Primer

by (author) Rob Whitley

The War Against Viruses

How the Science of Optimal Nutrition Can Help You Win

by (author) Aileen Burford-Mason


How Our Instincts to Be Healthy are Making Us Sick

by (author) Robert S. Barrett & Louis Hugo Francescutti

Healthy Aging Naturally

Proven Strategies for Disability-Free Longevity

by (author) Felix Veloso

A History of Health and Fitness

Implications for Policy Today

by (author) Roy J. Shephard

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to Support Healthcare Decisions

by (author) Kevin Marsh
edited by Mireille Goetghebeur, Praveen Thokala & Rob Baltussen

Taxing Soda for Public Health

A Canadian Perspective

by (author) Yann Le Bodo, Marie-Claude Paquette & Philippe De Wals

Dementia Prevention Naturally

Evidence-based Strategies to Enrich Cognition

by (author) Felix Veloso & Roxanne Veloso-Tang
illustrated by Natasha Kaitlin Veloso-Tang

Stroke Prevention Naturally

Proven Non-Pharmaceutical Stroke Avoidance Strategies

by (author) Felix Veloso & Roxanne Veloso-Tang
illustrated by Natasha Kaitlin Veloso-Tang

Social Determinants Approaches to Public Health

From Concept to Practice

by (author) Erik Blas
edited by Johannes Sommerfeld & Anand Sivasankara Kurup

A Consultation With the Back Doctor

by (author) Hamilton Hall

Cancer, Culture and Communication

by (author) Rhonda J. Moore
edited by David Spiegel

Essays on the Quality of Life

by (author) Alex C. Michalos


The Cosmopolitan Parasite

by (author) Barbara E. Olson, Merle E. Olson & Peter Wallis

A Reader on Prevention and Social Policies

by (author) Canadian Council for Social Development