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Childhood Trauma, Adult Illness, and the Need for a Health Care Revolution

by (author) Robert Maunder & Jonathan Hunter

Ordinary Deaths

Stories from Memory

by (author) Samuel LeBaron

Cancer Confidential

Backstage Dramas in the Radiation Clinic

by (author) Charles Hayter

The Care We Dream Of

Liberatory and Transformative Approaches to LGBTQ+ Health

edited by Zena Sharman

Breathe, Baby, Breathe!

Neonatal Intensive Care, Prematurity, and Complicated Pregnancies

by (author) Annie Janvier
translated by Phyllis Aronoff & Howard Scott

In Two Voices

A Patient and a Neurosurgeon Tell Their Story

by (author) Linda E. Clarke & Michael D. Cusimano

Good Medicine

The Art of Ethical Care in Canada

by (author) Philip Hebert

Love, Fear, and Health

How Our Attachments to Others Shape Health and Health Care

by (author) Robert Maunder & Jonathan Hunter

Love, Fear, and Health

How Our Attachments to Others Shape Health and Health Care

by (author) Robert Maunder & Jonathan Hunter

Talk to Your Doc

The Patient's Guide

by (author) Mary F. Hawkins

Cultural Competency Skills for Health Professionals

A Workbook for Caring Across Cultures

by (author) Earle Waugh, Olga Szafran, Jean A.C. Triscott & Roger Parent

The Art of Medicine

Healing and the Limits of Technology

by (author) Herbert Ho Ping Kong
with Michael Posner

"And Neither Have I Wings to Fly":

Labelled and Locked Up in Canada's Oldest Institution

by (author) Thelma Wheatley

After the Error

Speaking Out About Patient Safety to Save Lives

by (author) Susan B. McIver & Robin Wyndham

My Leaky Body

Tales from the Gurney

by (author) Julie Devaney

The Woman Who Swallowed Her Cat

And Other Gruesome Medical Tales

by (author) Rob Myers

Take As Directed

Your Prescription for Safe Health Care in Canada

by (author) Neil MacKinnon & Rhonda Church

Operating Room Confidential

What Really Goes On When You Go Under

by (author) Paul Whang

Doctors, Patients, and Society

Power and Authority in Medical Care

edited by Martin S. Staum & Donald E. Larsen

Emotional and Interpersonal Dimensions of Health Services

Enriching the Art of Care with the Science of Care

by (author) Laurette Dubé, Guylaine Ferland & Moskowitz

Guidelines for Managing the Client with Intellectual Disability in the Emergency Room

by (author) Marilyn Herie

Guidelines for Managing Patients with Development Disability in the Emergency Room

by (author) Intellectual Disabilities Curriculum Planning Committee

What Your Doctor Really Thinks

Diagnosing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

by (author) Ian Blumer

Mothers and Illicit Drugs

Transcending the Myths

by (author) Susan C. Boyd

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