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Valvular Heart Disease

A Guide for Cardiovascular Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

by (author) Marian C. Hawkey
edited by Sandra B. Lauck

Cardiac Electrophysiology

A Visual Guide for Nurses, Techs, and Fellows

by (author) Paul D. Purves

Creating a Caring Science Curriculum

A Relational Emancipatory Pedagogy for Nursing

by (author) Marcia Hills, Jean Watson & Chantal Cara

An Introduction to Indigenous Health and Healthcare in Canada

Bridging Health and Healing

by (author) Vasiliki Douglas

Canadian Family Practice Guidelines

by (author) Jill C. Cash
edited by Cheryl A. Glass, Debbie Fraser, Lynn Corcoran & Margaret Edwards

Florence Nightingale, Nursing, and Health Care Today

by (author) Lynn McDonald

China Gadabouts

New Frontiers of Humanitarian Nursing, 1941–51

by (author) Susan Armstrong-Reid

Simulation Scenarios for Nursing Educators

Making it Real

by (author) Suzanne Hetzel Campbell
edited by Karen Daley

Fast Facts about PTSD

A Guide for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals

by (author) Lisa Y. Adams

Perspectives canadiennes de la pratique infirmière avancée

edited by Eric Staples, Susan L. Ray & Ruth Hannon

Spirituality in Nursing Practice

The Basics and Beyond

by (author) Doreen, A. Westera

Global Advances in Human Caring Literacy

by (author) Susan Lee
edited by Patrick Palmieri & Jean Watson

Canadian Perspectives on Advanced Practice Nursing

edited by Eric Staples, Ruth Hannon & Susan L. Ray

Community and Public Health Nursing, Second Edition

Learning to Make a Difference through Teamwork

by (author) Elizabeth Diem & Alwyn Moyer

Cardiac Electrophysiology 2

An Advanced Visual Guide For Nurses Techs and Fellows

by (author) Paul D. Purves

Bringing It Home

A Nurse Discovers Healthcare Beyond the Hospital

by (author) Tilda Shalof
contributions by Judith Shamian

The Acute-Care Nurse Practitioner

A Transformational Journey

by (author) Judy Rashotte

Teaching Health Professionals Online

Frameworks and Strategies

by (author) Sherri Melrose, Caroline Park & Beth Perry

Partnering with Parents

Family-Centred Practice in Children's Services

by (author) Barry Trute & Diane Hiebert-Murphy

Nursing Informatics

Where Technology and Caring Meet

by (author) Marion J. Ball
edited by Judith V. Douglas, Patricia Hinton Walker, Donna DuLong, Brian Gugerty, Kathryn J. Hannah, Joan Kiel & Susan K. Newbold

Strengths-Based Nursing Care

Health And Healing For Person And Family

by (author) Laurie N. Gottlieb

Our Lamps Were Heavy

by (author) Eleanor A. Sinclair

Thin Pink Lines

My Life as a Nurse & Beyond

by (author) Muriel Jarvis & Muriel A. Jarvis

Rethinking Unequal Exchange

The Global Integration of Nursing Labour Markets

by (author) Salimah Valiani

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