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CPAP Adherence

Factors and Perspectives

by (author) Colin M. Shapiro
edited by Meenakshi Gupta & Dora Zalai

Textbook of Addiction Treatment

International Perspectives

by (author) Nady el-Guebaly
edited by Giuseppe Carr, Marc Galanter & Alexander M. Baldacchino

Preoperative Assessment

A Case-Based Approach

by (author) Derek Dillane
edited by Barry A. Finegan

Primary Care Procedures in Women's Health

An International Guide for the Primary Care Setting

by (author) Cathryn B. Heath
edited by Sandra M. Sulik

MD Aware

A Mindful Medical Practice Course Guide

by (author) Stephen Liben & Tom A. Hutchinson

Canadian Family Practice Guidelines

by (author) Jill C. Cash
edited by Cheryl A. Glass, Debbie Fraser, Lynn Corcoran & Margaret Edwards

The New-born: A Practical Guide

Paediatric Problems in General Practice

by (author) J.B.J. McKendry & J.D. Bailey

The General Practitioner

by (author) Kenneth Clute

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination Review

by (author) Mubashar Hussain Sherazi
edited by Elijah Dixon

Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist

A Doctor Reflects on Ten Years at a Refugee Clinic

by (author) Martina Scholtens

Nutrition Guide for Physicians and Related Healthcare Professionals

by (author) Norman J. Temple
edited by Ted Wilson & George A. Bray

Mindful Medical Practice

Clinical Narratives and Therapeutic Insights

by (author) Patricia Lynn Dobkin

Mindful Medical Practitioners

A Guide for Clinicians and Educators

by (author) Patricia Lynn Dobkin & Craig Stephen Hassed

McWhinney's Textbook of Family Medicine

by (author) Thomas R. Freeman

Wound Care Essentials

Practice Principles

by (author) Sharon Baranoski & Elizabeth A. Ayello

Shortcut to Orthopaedics

What's Common and What's Important for Canadian Students and Primary Care Physicians

by (author) Robert Perlau

The Canadian Clinician's Rheumatology Handbook

edited by Lori Albert

Canadian Clinician's Rheumatology Handbook

edited by Lori Albert

Adding Neurotherapy to Your Practice

Clinician's Guide to the ClinicalQ, Neurofeedback, and Braindriving

by (author) Paul G. Swingle

Managing Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drug Problems

A Pocket Guide for Physicians and Nurses

edited by Meldon Kahan & Lynn Wilson

Essential Tremor in Clinical Practice

by (author) Abdul Qayyum Rana & Kelvin L. Chou

Whole Person Care

A New Paradigm for the 21st Century

by (author) Tom A. Hutchinson

Lab Literacy for Doctors

A Guide to Ordering the Right Tests for Better Patient Care

edited by Christopher Naugler & Ethan Flynn

Practical Diabetes Care For Canadian Health Professionals

by (author) Sora Ludwig

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