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The E.J. Pratt Symposium

edited by Glenn Clever

New Provinces

Poems of Several Authors

edited by Douglas Lochhead
introduction by Michael Gnarkowski

The White Savannahs

The First Study of Canadian Poetry from a Contemporary Viewpoint

by (author) W.E. Collin
series edited by Douglas Lochhead
introduction by Germaine Warkentin

The Poems of Archibald Lampman

by (author) Archibald Lampman
introduction by Margaret Whitridge

Browning's Lyrics

An Exploration

by (author) Eleanor Cook

Selected Poetry and Critical Prose Charles G.D. Roberts

introduction by William Keith
series edited by Douglas Lochhead

The Poetical Works of Alexander McLachlan

edited by Douglas Lochhead
introduction by E. Margaret Fulton

Old Man Savarin Stories

Tales of Canada and Canadians

by (author) Edward William Thomson
introduction by Linda Sheshko

Goethe's Poetry for Occasions

by (author) Ernest Oppenheimer

Poems and Essays

by (author) Joseph Howe
introduction by M.G. Parks

The Prison and the Pinnacle

edited by Balachandra Rajan

Narrative Modes in Czech Literature

by (author) Lubomir Dolezel

The Poetical Works of Mrs. Leprohon (Miss R.E. Mullins)

by (author) Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

Selections from Canadian Poets

With Occasional Critical and Biographical Notes and an Introductory Essay on Canadian Poetry

by (author) Edward Dewart
series edited by Douglas Lochhead

The Civil War

by (author) Abraham Cowley
edited by Allan Pritchard

Collected Poems

by (author) Isabella Valancy Crawford
series edited by Douglas Lochhead
introduction by James Reaney

The St Lawrence and the Saguenay and Other Poems

Hesperus and Other Poems and Lyrics

by (author) Charles Sangster
edited by Gordon Johnston

Browning's Experiments with Genre

by (author) Donald Hair

The Origins of Culture & Anarchy

Matthew Arnold & Popular Education in England

by (author) Fred G. Walcott

Butterfly on a Rock

A Study of Themes and Images in Canadian Literature

by (author) D.G. Jones

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