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Milton's Poetical Thought

The Literary Agenda

by (author) Maggie Kilgour

Virginia Woolf and Poetry

by (author) Emily Kopley

Wastepaper Modernism

Twentieth-Century Fiction and the Ruins of Print

by (author) Joseph Elkanah Rosenberg

Soft Zipper

Objects, Food, Rooms

by (author) George Bowering

Classiques de la litterature universelle

Manuel de l'etudiant

by (author) Annik-Corona Ouellette

Conversations with Donald Hall

edited by John Martin-Joy, Allan Cooper & Richard Rohfritch

Circulating Enlightenment

The Career and Correspondence of Andrew Millar, 1727-68

by (author) Adam Budd

The Unfinished Book

edited by Alexandra Gillespie & Deidre Lynch

Marina Warner and the Ethics of Telling Silenced Stories

by (author) Lisa Propst

The Diaries and Letters of Lord Woolton 1940-1945

edited by Michael Kandiah & Judith Rowbotham

An Echo in the Mountains

Al Purdy after a Century

edited by Nicholas Bradley

Making Oscar Wilde

by (author) Michele Mendelssohn

Jane Austen

Writing, Society, Politics

by (author) Tom Keymer

The Life of Words

Etymology and Modern Poetry

by (author) David-Antoine Williams

Thomas Carlyle: The French Revolution

A History

edited by Mark Cumming, David R. Sorensen, Mark Engel & Brent E. Kinser

The L.M. Montgomery Reader

Volume One: A Life in Print

edited by Benjamin Lefebvre

Reading Chaucer in Time

Literary Formation in England and Italy

by (author) Kara Gaston

The Platonism of Walter Pater

Embodied Equity

by (author) Adam Lee

Conversations with William T. Vollmann

edited by Daniel Lukes

Articulating Bodies

The Narrative Form of Disability and Illness in Victorian Fiction

by (author) Kylee-Anne Hingston

Mavis Gallant

The Eye and the Ear

by (author) Marta Dvorak


Food, Literature, Culture

edited by Derek Gladwin

Thomas De Quincey

Selected Writings

edited by Robert Morrison

The Educated Imagination

by (author) Northrop Frye

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