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On Mennonite/s Writing

Selected Essays

by (author) Hildi Froese Tiessen
introduction by Robert Zacharias

The Eucharist, Poetics, and Secularization from the Middle Ages to Milton

by (author) Shaun Ross

Hidden Paradigms

Comparing Epic Themes, Characters, and Plot Structures

by (author) Brenda E.F. Beck

Irish Modernism and the Politics of Sexual Health

by (author) Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston

It Takes a Village

Spinning the Collective Yarn

by (author) Peter Balkwill

Uttering the Unutterable

Aristotle, Religion, and Literature

by (author) Louis F. Groarke

The Vanishing Signs


by (author) Cam Scott

The Fur Trader

From Oslo to Oxford House

by (author) Einar Odd Mortensen
with Gerd Kjustad Mortensen
edited by Ingrid Urberg & Daniel Sims

King Lear

Shakespeare's Dark Consolations

by (author) Arthur W. Frank

The Matter of Song in Early Modern England

Texts in and of the Air

by (author) Katherine R. Larson

The Rhetoric of Exemplarity in Early Modern England

by (author) Michael Ullyot

Annotations to James Joyce's Ulysses

by (author) Sam Slote, Marc A. Mamigonian & John Turner

The Victorian Novel and the Problems of Marine Language

All at Sea

by (author) Matthew P.M. Kerr

Jane Austen: A Very Short Introduction

by (author) Tom Keymer

I Just Wrote This Five Minutes Ago

by (author) Watts Carl

Confluences 3

Essays on the New Canadian Literature

edited by Dannabang Kuwabong

The Postcolonial African Genocide Novel

Quests for Meaningfulness

by (author) Chigbo Arthur Anyaduba

Critical Modesty in Contemporary Fiction

by (author) Thom Dancer

Juvenal's Tenth Satire

by (author) Paul Murgatroyd

Milton's Poetical Thought

The Literary Agenda

by (author) Maggie Kilgour

Virginia Woolf and Poetry

by (author) Emily Kopley

Remainders of the American Century

Post-Apocalyptic Novels in the Age of US Decline

by (author) Brent Ryan Bellamy

Wastepaper Modernism

Twentieth-Century Fiction and the Ruins of Print

by (author) Joseph Elkanah Rosenberg

Soft Zipper

Objects, Food, Rooms

by (author) George Bowering

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