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Finnegans Wakes

Tales of Translation

by (author) Patrick O'Neill

Joyce Writing Disability

edited by Jeremy Colangelo

Canada to Ireland

Poetry, Politics, and the Shaping of Canadian Nationalism, 1788-1900

by (author) Michele Holmgren

Politics and the British Novel in the 1970s

by (author) J. Russell Perkin

Joyce For Beginners

by (author) Terrance Gordon
illustrated by Lynsey Hutchinson

Understanding Kate Atkinson

by (author) Brian Diemert

Diplomacy and the Modern Novel

France, Britain, and the Mission of Literature

edited by Isabelle Daunais & Allan Hepburn

Shakespearean Melancholy

Philosophy, Form and the Transformation of Comedy

by (author) J.F. Bernard

Downward Mobility

The Form of Capital and the Sentimental Novel

by (author) Katherine Binhammer

Criminality and the Common Law Imagination in the 18th and 19th Centuries

by (author) Erin Sheley

Literary Manuscript Culture in Romantic Britain

by (author) Michelle Levy

Late Victorian into Modern

edited by Laura Marcus, Michele Mendelssohn & Kirsten E. Shepherd-Barr

Private Interests

Women, Portraiture, and the Visual Culture of the English Novel, 1709-1791

by (author) Alison Conway

Italian Politics and Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture

by (author) Patricia Cove

John Galt's Dramas

A Brief Review

by (author) G.H. Needler

Some Observations on Eighteenth Century Poetry

by (author) David Nichol Smith

English Character and the English Literary Tradition

by (author) Malcolm W. Wallace

Mediaeval Drama in Chester

by (author) F.M. Salter

Rudyard Kipling

A Bibliographical Challenge

by (author) James McG Stewart
edited by A.W. Yeats

Virginia Woolf

Music, Sound, Language

by (author) Elicia Clements

On English Prose

by (author) James R. Sutherland

Twelfth Night and Shakespearian Comedy

edited by Clifford Leech & John Margeson

The Lone Shieling

Origin and Authorship of the Blackwood 'Canadian Boat-Song'

by (author) G.H. Needler

The Harmony of Verse

by (author) W.C. Morton

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